How to get Paid Apps for free in Android?

How to get paid apps for free in android

Android market is considered the best market, which helps users have access to mobile applications about different categories. With various forms available in the market, some are offered for free while some of them come with a charge. The primary reason behind Paid apps is, these are loaded with several features, and a lot of effort put in by developers to build it. Users, who wish to get these paid apps for free in android, we have brought forth steps that will allow them to download apps for free on Android devices.

Best Paid Apps for free in Android:

App Gratis 

App Gratis is one of the best apps to access; after all, every morning, it welcomes you with a paid Android app that is available for free. While it might not bring you tons of offers, but an app a day is all that you will be served with. Along with this, there are options for updates on certain apps that shall help you keep them up to date to the version available in the market.

App Gratis

Freedom Apk

Freedom apk is one of the super cool apps with which you not only get paid apps for free, but you can also access all the premium features of the app. Say if you have got games like subway surfers or so, you can use this freedom apk to get unlimited coins, nitro, points, etc. This app requires root access to work effectively. You may root your android device with framaroot.

Complete the offer and win apps

The third-party app store is also an excellent option to download Android paid apps for free. All you have to do is, complete the task assigned or install the service app of the company, and they shall provide you paid apps at significant discounts or completely free. One such third-party app is the Amazon underground app, which gives you options to download thousands of paid apps for free.

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Blackmart Alpha

Here users will have to download the app Blackmart alpha that will further help you download the android app for free. Almost all the paid apps are listed here, for users to download it conveniently. Keep the following steps mentioned below;

Blackmart Alpha

  1. Download Blackmart Alpha
  2. Install it on your android device
  3. Open the app and type the name of the application you are looking for in the search box
  4. While you are using this app, you will see that almost all the paid apps are available for free for users to access.

Apk files of paid apps

While following this step, users will have to download the apk version of the application on their computer system, and then transfer it to their mobile. Some of the sites which can help you get access to apk. Files like,,, etc. Keep following the steps mentioned below and you and get this paid apps on your device;

  • Search for apk sites
  • Open any one of them and look for apps that you want to install on your device.
  • Download the apk file on your system and get it installed on the android
  • Once it has been installed, you are all set to use the new app on your phone.

Google play survey

Google free play store credit, which gives users confidence after answering individual surveys. Herein, users are required to reply inquiries, and in return, they are paid a minimal amount for it. However, every time a user doesn’t have to be paid for answering the surveys, but still, a user can manage to earn the right amount and use it to try their hands on paid apps in Google play store.

I hope you like these methods to get paid apps for free for your Android device.

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