Fox Business Discusses Inventory Management with Cloud Inventory

Fox Business Discusses Inventory Management with Cloud Inventory

Fox Business Discusses Inventory Management with Cloud Inventory

Kansas City, MO — Cloud Inventory is a leading platform in the digital inventory management industry. The company will appear on a Fox Business program called Inside the Blueprint on Saturday, October 9th. This episode will highlight two leading innovators, who are transforming the way management, inventory and internal controls are done.

Fox selected Cloud Inventory for this featured segment based on the company’s ability to address the key issues facing the industry. This includes inventory management and related tracking solutions. The potential for impact on the entirety of this global supply chain is significant; these issues could potentially affect over 3,000 enterprises around the world.

In addition to offering solutions for inventory management, the company is improving efficiency and productivity across the supply chain. From manufacturing to warehousing and field inventory, all operations within these related fields are impacted by the company’s contributions.

The Interview, Fox Business

President and CEO, Mark Goode, and Chris Horsefield, Chief Technology Officer, will be interviewed during the segment. Topics will address the benefits of implementing strategies that leverage the cloud to facilitate inventory management. Other issues may include the mobile-first inventory solution. The backend data model, which can integrate with existing systems like ERP, or enterprise resource planning, will be discussed. This is a topic that should interest any business leader involved in manufacturing, warehousing and field operations.

This technology has dramatically altered the way the marketplace functions. The combination of the mobile applications with the model that leverages extendable data has a profound significance across industries. The effects of this particular combination are quite unparalleled.

The data model for this system effectively transformed the marketplace through an unprecedented approach. For example, the companies that utilize this system can keep track of a variety of activities. This includes the location of inventory while authenticating the state of the inventory. Companies can benefit from the real-time feedback because it reduces the guesswork that is otherwise involved.

Get accurate information about inventory flow while facilitating good decisions about the situation as it unfolds. Eliminate guesswork, and reduce error rates. Improve the decision-making capacity of your team while anticipating likely problems by utilizing accurate information that is generated and gathered in real time.

Warehousing, Order Processing

There are many advantages to using this company’s system within a warehouse environment. For example, the system can enable the warehouse workers to process orders from a manufacturer without experiencing time delays. Because the order processing happens in real time, there is an improvement in the operational efficiency of the warehouse.

Once the inbound items are received as raw materials and stored in their proper locations, the orders can be processed in real time. The end result is an efficient process that enables warehouse pickers to pull various inventory items without breeching any regulations or violating compliance codes.

Among other things, this technology empowers enterprises to deliver inventory to field locations and provide immediate proof of delivery. The resources saved by utilizing the company’s unique approach to managing inventory can be substantial. This is well worth the time and effort invested in watching the segment about these solutions in the Fox broadcast segment.

Learn about the error rates between companies that use systems that aren’t coordinated. This reduces the visibility of inventory in real time, for example. Integrate the current ERP system to produce information gleaned from high-resolution content.

Key Benefits of Inventory Management

The company offers a variety of accurate features that are always up-to-date. This is a reliable way to generate and provide users with the most updated analysis of all inventory as it moves throughout the supply chain. This system offers an accurate and updated data set to assess any changes in the movement of inventory while tracking any changes is also assured.

The company is designed to work on a mobile-first platform that is low code. This improves the user experience by personalizing it. During the segment, Goode and Horsefield are prepared to explain how apps can be customized by the client to produce the desired outcome. Because the information is stored in the cloud, it can be accessed in real time with the highest security features.

Customer information is secured, and transactional history can be retrieved. This isn’t possible with on-premise information solutions. Learn more about Cloud Inventory’s ability to improve productive activities, maintain compliance and increase revenues. Watch Inside the Blueprint on Saturday, October 9th on Fox Business. Visit for more information, or request a demo for these solutions: Cloud Inventory’s Manufacturing Materials™, Warehouse Inventory™, and Field Inventory™.

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