Facebook Tuned app for Couples

Facebook Tuned app for Couples


The Tuned app is created by the Facebook New Product Experimentation(NPE) team. The tuned app only for couples and who looking for a partner. It is similar to the messaging apps by FB like messenger and WhatsApp in addition to the features of these apps it provides us the ‘daily dairy feature’ which is called private space between the couple/the partners.

How Tuned App works?

Using their mobile numbers, this limitless application could only be used via iOS and links couples. You will be told to invite your friend when you have to sign up. You can also use Tuned in the hopes of joining your partner, and learn how many of the key features work.

Sharing music, making a poem, sending a voice memo or searching for stickers to upload, press the “+” button to post a message or a picture. You can also test the top color wheel to decide how you are feeling. Choosing red for instance serves feelings like sweet and flirty. Only pick one.

Quick all your notes and facebook updates appear on the main home screen in a scrapbook-like newsfeed. You can view your settings on the right-hand side of the panel, but you can display your alerts from the top bell. This is a fairly simple user-interface.

Features of Facebook Tuned app

Link your Spotify account to share songs and playlists, set your mood and see how your partner feels–submit photo photos, messages, cards, voice memos and more to show you care –Express yourself with unique stickers and reactions.

Is there an Android app?

It’s only available US and Canadian at Apple’s App Store.

However, the app’s only running on iOS at the time of publishing. So, we’ll need to wait a while for those who still use Android. Now, you need to know this isn’t the only messaging app that Facebook has available at the moment. Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are among the most commonly used apps.

Generally speaking, this app doesn’t seem that much different from any other social network where people can interact with each other directly. For example, you could send memos or voice notes to each other with images on any messaging app, but it might be beneficial to have a space that is devoted solely to everyday relationship maintenance. Some Relationship Apps provided similar interactions with some offers.

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