Exploring the Perfect Course at Arizona State University

Exploring the Perfect Course at Arizona State University

Exploring the perfect course can be a tedious task as students are confused about the available career options in the market. However, at an institution like Arizona State University, there is no dearth of courses, and students can choose a course of their liking. But again, the moot question comes as to which course to choose from so many available options? The paradox of choice can only be dealt with with adequate information as it helps make an informed decision with an eye on the future. The prospects of many courses might not seem so bright in the near future, but they can be of immense value in the long run. 

Courses available at ASU in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Internet Of Things, or the IoT are slowly gaining traction. Only a few took the risk of studying these subjects a decade back, and now they are the leaders in the market. However, it doesn’t mean that traditional courses have lost importance or are of less relevance. The moot point is to make an informed decision by reading an in-depth analysis of Arizona State University undergraduate enrollment courses. This will help in getting rid of unnecessary confusion on choosing a course and help in making a roadmap for the future.

Undergraduate Courses at ASU

Architecture and Construction 

Architectural Studies 

In the contemporary world, where spaces are shrinking, the opportunities for an architect are endless. The need for sustainable development stems from the sustainable structures that are best in terms of space utilization and are environmentally compatible. ASU has an excellent faculty for architectural studies and provides students with enormous opportunities to do projects and internships under some of the world’s best architects. The Design School has crafted one of the best curricula for the subject and incorporates the latest development in the syllabus with all the latest software used by top architectural firms worldwide. The course is available at the Herberger Institute for Designs and the Arts at the Tempe campus. The median salary is as high as $1,49,530, with a growth of 2.6%.

Civil Engineering 

Civil Engineering is one of the most sought courses at ASU as the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering has one of the best faculties in the country. The curriculum is also coherent with the industry best practices, and it ensures that students are getting industry-ready. There is a special emphasis on sustainability as the next generation construction is all about green buildings. People are overly concerned about the adaptation of environmentally friendly construction materials and techniques. ASU happens to be a pioneer research center for the US’s most advanced research in the field in collaboration with industry leaders. ASU’s courses also let young graduates have professional licensure with the state of Arizona and other states that may allow. The median salary is as high as $1,49,530, with a growth of 2.6%.

Other fields of study in Architecture and Construction are:

  • Construction Engineering
  • Construction Management and Technology 
  • Environmental Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Interior Design
  • Landscape Architecture 
  • Urban Planning


There are 50 courses on Arts, and it encompasses every possible field of study wherein any form of art is needed. From animation to design and photography to sculpture, one can’t find such a rainbow of courses with such an experienced pool of faculty. The courses are designed to help students in finding their field of interest and make a distinct career that has less completion and more prospects in the times ahead.

Art(Art Education) 

It is one of the best courses available at ASU that helps students in passing their knowledge to the next generation by making a career in teaching. Arts faculty are in great demand as the horizon of the subject has transcended the earlier boundaries, and now they find application in science, tech, designs, architecture, etc. Students are trained to get first-hand experience teaching art and focus on issues such as critical thinking, inquiry-based learning, interdisciplinary curriculum development, studio, and conceptual art practices, and a range of other aspects are part of the syllabus for the course. There is no dearth of teaching jobs in the subject as every major university in the world is always in search of a good faculty. The median salary is as high as $97,500, with a growth of 3.7%. 


It is one of the most promising fields in the arts faculty as the trend for fashion never goes out of fashion. Everyone wants to look more stylish, comfortable, and trendy. But the scope of this course is way more than these aspects at ASU as the contemporary customer sees clothing way more than the trend. There is a rising concern for environmental awareness, and there is a dire need for people in the textile sector who can provide environmentally compatible fashion without compromising quality and style. Students are taught about weaving, dyeing, textile printing, and fiber sculpture in great detail so that they are employable right after graduation. The course is available at the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts at the Tempe campus. The median salary is more than $75,420, with a growth of 11.8%.

There are more than 56 degrees in arts, and they have great future prospects as well. It can be checked on the official website of ASU. The above-mentioned courses are suitable for all irrespective of their field of interest. Other interest-specific courses on ceramics design, digital photography, printmaking, Digital Culture are also sought by students across the globe. 


In business, too, there are 58 courses, but we will be discussing the most sought and most compatible course available at ASU. 

Business (Business Administration)

The course is centralized on teaching students the core of business operations and how businesses of scale operate. The industrial interface of the course is the most crucial aspect, and ASU is certainly the best place where there is a confluence of industry and academics. Students get to learn directly from business leaders from across the globe through seminars, guest lectures, internships, etc. The course is pivoted on forecasting demand, planning inventory, purchasing services, conducting skillful negotiations, building strategies for the future, and managing people, finances, and risk. This helps students in understanding the complete work ecosystem of large corporations. It has very high growth prospects as the median salary goes as high as $1,32,290 with a growth rate of 3.5%. 

Business (Law)

In this course at the W. P. Carey School of Business, the core of the business is complemented with additional knowledge of the law. The amalgamation of these two disciplines has tremendous scope for growth in the current business ecosystem. The median salary for the course is $86,000, with a whopping growth of 24.8%. The prospects are endless, and it’s one of the best doorways to get into the top-tier of the corporate world. 

Communication and Media

Journalism and Mass Communication

When it comes to career options, ASU’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication automatically pops up in the heads of those who wish to make a difference. The course offers students first-hand experience with the world’s top experts in mass communication. A pool of veteran journalists and people from leadership positions in media houses are members of the faculty. The median salary is around $142,170, with a growth of 6.7%.

Other courses related to filming, theatre, performance, etc., are offered at the Walter Cronkite School of journalism and mass communication. 

Health and Wellness

Medical Studies

ASU has one of the best facilities for medical studies and research opportunities for medical and professional school, including medicine (MD, DO, and naturopathic), dentistry, physician assistant programs, pharmacy, occupational therapy, optometry, etc. The courses are crafted to adopt the globally accepted best practices in the field of medicine and healthcare. The trained professionals from ASU are working at the world’s top medical facilities. The students are given the liberty to make a customized plan for their studies while keeping in mind the future plans.

Law, Justice and Public Services

There is a whole range of courses available, and it includes subjects of business law, criminology, Judicial Studies, Forensic Science, Healthcare compliance and regulations, Political Science, Public Service and Public Policy, Social Justice, and Human Rights, etc. The subject range is wide enough to incorporate all the disciplines that have an intersection with law or legal expertise. 

Other Courses of Interest at Arizona State University 

There are several other courses available at the Arizona state university undergraduate enrolment in areas like Social and Behavioural Sciences, Humanities, Interdisciplinary Studies, Exploratory, Sustainability, etc. 

All the courses at ASU are job-oriented and have a brilliant pool of experts in the teaching staff. Every field of study has future prospects as long as a student is interested in it. The only thing a student has to keep in mind is to choose a subject that interests them; everything else can be taken care of at ASU.

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