Exotic and Most Beautiful Flowers All Around the World

Exotic and Most Beautiful Flowers All Around the World

Flowers are one of the fascinating inventions of God. Anyone who asks which is the most beautiful flowers in this world, we are always confused with giving a reply. It is because every flower has its beauty, grace, scent, and charisma. Flowers are capable of bringing a smile on every face, which makes it the best gift which you can give on any occasion.

The charm of flowers, here we have Mentioned beautiful flowers around the world. We are here discussing the exciting facts about the blooms, such as from where they are origin, botanical name and many more. You can even choose online flower delivery in Chennai to get gorgeous blooms delivered at the desired destination.

Every flower we are listing here, such as roses to exotic blooms, you’re bound to fall in love with at least one of these beautiful blooms.

Top Beautiful Flowers Around the World


One of the most elegant flowers in this world is the tulip, and it is popular due to its unique shape. These flowers are available in different colors, such as bright red, yellow, pink, etc. The popularity of this flower is similar to the rose. Tulip word comes from the Persian word, which means turban. They symbolize perfect love, prosperity, and royalty.


In bouquets and bunches arrangements – these flowers are heart winners. It is ideal for weddings because they bring cheerfulness and good luck to everyone’s life. So, if you want to win your loved one’s heart, then you can send them a bouquet of a tulip flower. Surely when they receive this token of love from your side, feel very special. If you stay far away from your dear ones, then you can send flowers online to Hyderabad with your love and care.

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The second flower that we have included in our list is lily. This flower is also top-listed and native of South Africa. Lily’s flower symbolizes love. It also symbolizes the innocence of youth, rebirth, and beauty. People mostly use this flower for decorating the home on the eve of Christmas. The reason is that the beauty and charm of this flower bring prosperity and good luck in the house. You can buy lily flowers online and get the best arrangement and send them to your loved ones on any occasion.


When we talk about exotic flowers, we can forget to talk about lotus. Lotus is the national flower of India. Mostly this flower is found in Northern India with isolated locations of the Caspian Sea. People use this flower in temples for Durga Puja. This flower is a symbol of purity, self-regeneration, and rebirth. So, if you want to enhance the beauty of your place, then you can plant this flower in your garden.


People use this flower for making cosmetics products, and also it carries a royal vibe. Orchid flowers are mostly found in Europe and available in red, pink, white, yellow, and green colors. It is a symbol of love, care, and gratitude. It is the best flower that you can give to your friend to express your concern and love. It is also used in medicine to perfumes to foods. You can get orchid flowers online in different arrangements and shapes for your loved ones.


Plumeria is native to Mexico and Central America but is grown throughout the warm climatic zones across the world. In Sri Lanka, people use Plumeria flower to worship the gods, while in India, people use this flower mostly in incense sticks. This flower symbolizes beauty, love, rebirth, spring, and grace. It is the best gift for wedding couples to bring in their life, good luck, and happiness.



Calatheas are the most beautiful flowers and related to the Marantaceae family, and they come in various shapes and colors. Thus, it is given to those people who start their new life and also settle in another city. So, send flowers online to your dear ones to make their special day more memorable.

So, guys, these are some exotic flowers that you can send to your special ones on any occasion.

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