Empowering Women On International Women’s Day

Empowering Women On International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day. It is real and it needs acknowledgement. Every year on March 8, women across the world feel loved and seen. The day is observed as a tribute to all the women who have created an impact in this world, however small. The day is not just about celebrating the women in our life but within our community, and most importantly, to oneself.

The women have grown beautifully over the years and today’s women know about and speak for their rights. We all know it is not easy to be a woman in today’s world and more so, to be a woman who knows what she is worth. The day reminds all of us how important it is to acknowledge not only their existence in the human race but to actually respect them and love them for who they are.

It is more important to celebrate, cherish and empower them. It is the need of the hour to play our roles in sending across the message for their upliftment and recognition. The smallest gesture one can make on such an occasion is to send women’s day flowers to remind them they are loved. However, there are several other ways to contribute to the observation of this day in our own unique ways.

Dress in Red.

The official colour of the big day is in order. To mark your respect for the International Women’s Day, wear something in red on March 8. This sweet and simple gesture is the most non-verbal way of supporting the women on the even of their day. Red, often considered to be the colour of the bold, fearless and courageous is a perfect symbolization of how amazingly it suits the purpose of the said day.

Be a little extra support towards women on the day.

You know how the little things count? Creating change or making a difference is not just about big gestures. It is also about the small things we are willing to do for our women. It is about all the little things and doing our small bits to creating those huge changes. Small and continuous efforts amount to the big changes and you can be a part of it by sending flowers to the women around you, by writing something nice for them or even by telling them how amazing they are.

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Give your girlfriends a thoughtful gift.

Surely, a kind gesture goes a long way but more so, a thoughtful gift. Plenty of gifts can be thought of when you think about the lovely women in your life. It does not necessarily have to be something fancy and expensive. It can be anything as simple as a handmade card or home-cooked dessert. Hand them their favourite wine or make some coffee and pour them in a pretty coffee mug, or make online flower delivery in Bangalore and make their day threefold better.

Share with them your favourite podcast or Ted Talks that are women-centric.

When we are promoting something, we often try to look for some inspiration around us and that is exactly where motivational quotes and inspirational talks play a huge role. Talks from Maya Angelou, Ellen Degeneres, Emily Dickinson, Greta Thunberg, Michelle Obama can truly go a long way while trying to make an impact. Make yourself heard and tell the women in your life how one talk or video or quote reflected their shadow to you. Tell them how much they mean to you through a simple video or quote.

Make a donation or advocate in a good women-driven cause.

Apart from just talking about how much you love the women in your life and support them unconditionally, show some love for the women in general. Contribute something to the society. Do your bit to help in the empowerment of the women. Donate something to charity, to an NGO, some food, some clothing, and toiletries to a women’s shelter. Make a rose bouquet delivery in Bangalore and send your love to them right away!


Use social media to educate others on this day.

So many people are unaware of the importance of this day or have no idea that such an observation of a day exists in the first place. It is our duty then to educate and spread awareness that it is essential to celebrate our women not just on a single day but on all days of the year. By posting informative and inspiring articles about our women’s idols and bringing out the fact about how instrumental our women have been in bringing a revolution in the world can create a difference.

Make a pledge.

Celebrating and cherishing the women in our life is an amazing thing but to actually play an active role in creating that difference and empowerment in society is what we all should look forward to. Supporting the initiatives of helping women and girls achieve their ambitions, challenging the conscious and unconscious differences and striving for a gender-neutral leadership, valuing the men and women, and any contributions made in an equal manner and creative a women-friendly and healthy environment for all of us is what we should aim at.

Creating and making the efforts to realize materialistic results will take a long time. Our women and our pride. Adoring them for who they are is not just humane but should be made the norm of the day. Celebrate them and cherish them. Send flowers to India and make them know that we absolutely support this day in their name. Bloomville make this a tad bit easier for you. They offer a range of flowers and gifts, so send a women’s day bouquet to your close female friends and family and wish them an empowering Happy International Women’s Day!

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