Effective Ways to Promote Your New Product or Service

Effective Ways to Promote Your New Product or Service

You’re coming out with a new product or service. What’s the most effective way to promote it? It actually depends on your type of business and product/service selection. Let’s look at several effective ways to promote your new product or service.

 Post to Google My Business

You have the option to use your Google My Business listing as a marketing tool. One way to do this is to write a blog post about your new product/service and then create a Google Post. Select the “promotion” option when posting. Another way to leverage the listing is to post a picture of the new offering.

Send Out a Press Release

Press releases are an effective marketing option for promoting anything new or changesin your business. You need to learn about the benefits of press release distribution before you get started. With those benefits in mind, create a press release announcing your new offering and providing promotional information about it and your business. Make it SEO friendly and include quotes and key details.

Offer Existing Customers a Sneak Preview

Leverage your existing customer base. Let them try out your new service or product before it becomes available to the rest of the world. Offer it for free or at a deep discount. Ask them to write a review after they try it. Between word of mouth and positive reviews, you’ll have plenty of traction to promote effectively.

Share on Your Email Newsletter

An email newsletter is a very affordable way to tell interested customers about your new product or service. The subscribers already have an interest in your business. They will see your new offering and may want to be one of the first ones to try it. You can pair it up with a promotional offer to garner more attention.
Offer Customers an Upgrade or Trade-In

For service-based businesses, offer customers an upgrade option to try out your new service. For example, let’s say you own a salon and just installed tanning beds. Offer your existing customers a free tan with their next paid service.

For product-based businesses, you might offer a trade-in option. The customer can bring in an old product and get a discount on the new. People love to upgrade their stuff, especially when there’s a lower price involved.

Share on Social Media

Announce your new product or service on all your social media channels. You can promote your kick-off event, open houses, trade-in options, and more. The further you spread the word, the more people will share. Be sure to share photos, product descriptions, and details as the time draws near to build anticipation and interest.

One or more of these methods should help you market your new product or service successfully. The beauty of these is that you can mix and match as you want. It might take trial and error to find out which ones work best for your business. But, once you get the right mix, your marketing can move forward faster and more effectively.

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