Does kratom affect blood pressure?

Does kratom affect blood pressure

While everybody has standard blood pressure, most have it around 120/90mmHg. However, people who have a steady low or high blood pressure suffer more than usual. While there are many supplements and medicines that have been known to help with such conditions. It is about time that people start exploring the herbal world.

Kratom has been famous for creating a soothing and numbing effect in people. It is also used for recreational purposes, which causes slight psychoactive effects in the brain. Today we will talk about how kratom helps with hyper and hypotension, among other things. Additionally, we will go over the dosage that would help you significantly.

Overview of kratom

This is a tropical plant that originates from the southeast Asian region. It has been in use since the nineteenth century. People have found various benefits from this plant and recommend it to people who have any sort of pain. It has been observed that there are various doses of kratom which trigger different effects.

Does kratom affect blood pressure

Primarily it is considered as a mood enhancer which in turn helps with symptoms of anxiety. Many people have had benefits with respect to depression as well. One of the better effects of kratom is that it simply numbs the body enough to not feel any discomfort. It also helps people end up having a good time. Considering that almost the entire south east region enjoys the effects of kratom, it shouldn’t be surprising to know that the plant has spread throughout the entire world. Thus giving good results and creating a good environment both physically and mentally.

There are many ways through which people consume kratom. It is also important to know that maintaining a mild to moderate amount of intake is good for your health. If anything it won’t deteriorate your current health conditions. Regardless, kratom was consumed by making tea in the earlier days. They used to dry the leaves taken from the plant, crushing them, and make tea out of the powder. Now, the powdered form is also smoked and eaten by infusing it in food.

Effects on physical and mental well being

There are many established effects of kratom that have helped people overcome any illness. That could be physical and mental. Many people have found out that intaking natural red borneo kratom also has long-term effects which are not necessarily bad. Some of the physical and mental illnesses that are helped or subdued by kratom are mentioned below:

  • Fatigue and tiredness
  • Cough both mild and severe.
  • Depression.
  • Helps control diabetes
  • Diarrhea
  • Opiate withdrawal symptoms
  • Any kind of pain
  • Symptoms of anxiety

How does kratom affect blood pressure?

There are many scientists who look into kratom as their main subject of study. And over the years, they have seen a lot of different effects of kratom on people. Some are adverse, and some are mild. It includes many physical and mental illnesses. But recent studies have thrown light on the effects of kratom on blood pressure. While abnormalities in blood pressure are very common among people, the effects are very uncomfortable. Therefore we will learn about them further, along with how kratom helps in controlling blood pressure.

Does kratom affect blood pressure

Low blood pressure

The normal count of blood pressure is 120/80. This is considered normal and gives people energy and the ability to stand straight. When the systolic pressure falls below 90 mmHg, and the diastolic pressure is below 60 mmHg, it is defined as low blood pressure.

So how do you know when you are experiencing low blood pressure? The symptoms are rather clear. You will experience blurry vision, tiredness, difficulty in breathing, weakness, headache. You may also have a stiff neck and chest pain.

High blood pressure

High blood pressure is also called hypertension which is more often than you would think. It generally occurs with people who may have high blood pressure genetically. People who generally suffer from hypertension should be careful with the doses and dosage of kratom.

You know you have high blood pressure when it is approximately 140/90 mmHg. The symptoms include extreme headaches, fatigue, or vision impairment. It may also cause chest pain and nosebleeds. You have problems breathing, and you may also see blood in the urine.

Blood pressure and kratom

The question that comes to mind is how exactly kratom helps with blood pressure? It is known to help with fatigue and lethargy. Moreover, it benefits gym enthusiasts to build better body structures. But those are more muscle-related issues, and kratom is a muscle relaxer. Therefore, how does it help with the functionalities of blood? The answer is not that complicated.

Does kratom affect blood pressure

Kratom has a component known as mitragynine. This is an alkaloid that is accompanied by 7-hydroxy mitragynine and mitraphylline. This comprehensively helped the body react with opioid receptors. The effects of opioids and kratom are quite similar to yohimbine which is known to increase blood flow. It activates adrenergic receptors that help increase the circulatory flow.

How to take kratom for abnormal blood pressure?

Many experts suggest that you should be controlling your kratom dosage to get the best results without hampering your health. Blood pressure, too, just like any other medicine, has a certain amount of dosage that needs to be taken.

Studies suggest that you should take kratom via supplements, not more than 3 to 4 capsules. That should not be about 4 grams. You should consume this during breakfast and dinner, without a miss. Moreover, make sure that you drink a lot of water. That should definitely be more than the standard 2 liters. This will balance your kratom intake and the dosage and dilute the effects and also keep you hydrated.


Kratom has had a dicey past, where it was accepted and then unaccepted, and now it is accepted again. It started with the southeast, and now it has spread over the world. Patients with high or low blood pressure have found the plant to be of great benefit. Therefore don’t be scared to try something new, especially when it comes to health.

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