What is the difference between tinder and Bumble features?

What is the difference between tinder and Bumble features?

When we talk about dating apps, then two names come to the forefront; Tinder and Bumble. While they are both dating apps, the way they are designed and function, it makes them a bit different from one another.

In this article, we will like to share with you some major differences between the Bumble and Tinder features lists.

1). Short-term hook up and long-term relationship: The first major difference between Tinder and Bumble is the expectation of people using them. Men generally use the Tinder app to find short-term partners. Tinder Features are designed in such a way that it allows the men to message first.

Most millennials at a young age do not look for long-term stable relationships (although you will find that there are many who are an exception to this rule).

The Bumble, on the other hand, is generally considered more like a true dating app because it has been observed that the users of Bumble generally like to converse with one another to find whether their wavelength matches. In case they find the other person interesting, then they are likely to hang out with them and take the relationship forward.

2). The ratio of men and women: If we compare the number of men and women in both these apps, then we will find that Tinder has twice as many men for every woman.

On the other hand, in Bumble the ratio of both men and women is almost equal. If you are a woman, then your chances of finding the right guy using the tinder app are far greater as the number of men using the app is considerably higher.

On the other hand, in Bumble, the chances of finding the soulmate are equal for both men and women.

3). Creepy messages: Many girls struggle to use the Tinder app as a large number of men use sexually explicit language in their messaging in a bid to attract a girl (it is definitely not a good strategy).

In Bumble, the girl must respond to the first message after they are matched with somebody within 24 hours. This helps a lot in weeding out those creepy messages that some guys generally send on Tinder.

4). The men make the first move asking for a date: In Tinder, it has been found that men are more active in not only starting the conversation but also asking for the phone number of the girl.

If the conversation goes well, then they are more likely to ask for a date (sometimes they do not even wait for a phone conversation and ask for a date just after a few messages!).

In Bumble, strangely many girls complained that after having a good conversation, the guy will stop contacting further or even if they continue with their conversation only a few of them will ask for a date so that they can meet up in person.

5). Different people: As Tinder is widely used as a dating app by millions of people worldwide, there is a wide variety of both boys and girls available on this platform.

It is easier to find a guy or a girl with a specific trait that someone will find endearing. There are a lot of filters available which make it easier for the app user to look for a guy/girl with some specific features (career-minded, status, hobbies and so on).

The Bumble, on the other hand, is used by people who have a high paying job, great looks, and personality. While this is excellent for people to find truly amazing partners, it can be a bit intimidating for those who have average looks and a simple job profile.

6). Quality of profile pictures: One of the things where Bumble beats Tinder hands down is in the area of quality of profile pictures.

In Tinder, you will find a lot of weird-looking profile pictures. On the other hand, the people who use Bumble are smarter and the guys use only those pictures which they believe the girls will love. Therefore, in Bumble you will find that there are a lot of pictures of guys with dogs because they know that a girl will find such a picture attractive and swipe right to accept their message.

7). Social hangout option: Earlier, Tinder had a social feature that allowed people of a group to meet up with another group to do some interesting things.

It was a fun feature where the users could do something a bit different from dating or trying to hook up with the opposite gender. However, Tinder removed this feature and the app is now solely used for dating only.

The Bumble, on the other hand, has a BFF feature, wherein the registered users can swipe to meet other interesting people and can hang out with them. The users of Bumble mainly use this feature to do things that they would not like to do alone.

8). Their functionality: In Bumble, the ranking of the profile is important which depends upon how many people swipe right on them.

Therefore, if the profile of any user gets a lot of right swipes, then that profile will show up as a potential match much more time. In Tinder, the algorithm is designed differently. It not only looks at the number of right swipes a profile gets but also takes into account the number of people who have acknowledged the right swipes made by the same profile.

9). Cost: To become a registered user of Tinder plus, a person who is in the age group of 18-29 must pay $9.99 per month. Furthermore, if the user’s age is 30 years and above, then they have to pay $19.99 per month.

For Bumble, the monthly subscription is $9.99 per month without any restriction of age. If you dig a bit deeper you will find that both apps work perfectly for that target audience. The above-mentioned points show the major differences between the top two dating app features.

If you want instant gratification, then you can opt for Tinder, but if you are looking for a long-term relationship then try the Bumble.

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