CUB net banking:City Union Bank is an Indian private bank. The bank was formerly identified as the Kumbakonam Bank Limited. On October 31, 1904, the City Union Bank was founded as a limited corporation. Initially, the bank opted to use a regional bank roll in Tamil Nadu’s Thanjavur district. The bank now has over 700 branches, with ATMs in 1762 cities.

The bank’s market capitalization is $1.8 billion. Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu, India is the bank’s headquarters. The City Union Bank is a forward-thinking organisation. In 1990, the bank computerised all of its offices, and in 2016, it became the first bank to introduce Lakshmi, the first on-site banking robot.

Lakshmi is a humanoidrobot that can answer 120 questions and conducts critical financial tasks as well as presenting information on banking activities. Via different outlets, the City Union Bank provides a range of banking products to MSME, business, commercial, and NRI clients.

City Union Bank offers a variety of automated banking services, including online banking, electronic banking, social networking banking, Facebook fund transfers, corporate banking, self-service banking, interactive credit card services, and more. The most effective of these internet banking services is that it helps you to conduct all of your banking operations and transactions without having to physically enter a branch and at your leisure.

How do I register for CUB online banking?

Via its internet banking operation, City Union Bank provides a variety of services. CUB does not allow self-registration for net banking due to their safety and security policies. You must first visit the branch to register for internet banking. Let’s look at how to get an internet banking account id and password.

Account-holders may use BOI Net banking to access a range of features, including BOI balance inquiry, mini statement, fund transfer, energy bill payment, and more.

The procedures to getting internet banking login:

  1. First and foremost, you must go to the branch where you originally opened your savings or current account.
  2. You must apply a completed field application request for internet banking along with all relevant documentation and records.
  3. The registration form is available at the branch upon request. The form can be downloaded from the source below.


  • Fill out the questionnaire with correct information and insert the appropriate documentation. Only your own bank account and a legitimate signature are needed to send the request.
  • To use the net banking service, select the option “I wish to use City Union Bank Online Banking with Money Transfers” under the “For Internet Banking” section.
  • Your registration form, and including your KYC information and records, will be handled electronically by the bank’s centralised processing cell.
  • Within 7 to 10 workdays after the form has been checked and validated, you will collect your user ID password and transaction password by registered mail to your registered mailing address.

Login to CUB Net Banking:

CUB Net Banking Login process in below: CUB NET BANKING REGISTRATION

  • The account owner must go to the City Union Bank net banking website,, and enter the user ID that was issued to them at the branch, before pressing the Continue button.
  • Click Submit after entering the password.
  • For a safe online banking interface, the user should force the password change on the next tab.
  • Change the username and transaction passwords in the appropriate fields.
  • Click the submit button.

How can I get my CUB net banking password back?

When we lose our username password, this happens from time to time. It’s an easy procedure to get it back or alter it. Let’s look at the step-by-step method of resetting a lost password provided by City Union Bank.

  1. City Union Bank’s official net banking site can be found here. After entering your user identity and clicking proceed, select the Forgot Password option.
  2. When you click the Forgot Password icon, you will be taken to the next tab, where you will complete the rest of the operation. The bank will need to check the account information on this tab.
  3. Enter the OTP that was sent to your registered phone number into the box and press Proceed.
  4. After the OTP has been checked, a new set of instructions for creating a new password will be shown.
  5. Created a personal password for your account by following the directions.

CUB internet banking functionality and advantages:

  • You will use internet banking to check your account balance and print your payment receipt.
  • You can update your registered email address and cellphone number using online banking.
  • Normally, consumers must visit an ATM to change their pin, but City Union Bank offers the alternative of changing your ATM pin online via internet banking. This is one of CUB’s most critical features.
  • You may use online banking to move money to every other bank or the same bank using NEFT and RTGS.
  • You will pay your utilities bills, such as credit card and phone bills, online.
  • You should place an order for a new cheque book.
  • Net banking may be used to fund the insurance premium to buy general insurance.
  • You will use internet banking to do online shopping as well as a variety of other activities.
  • You will allow multi – functional factor authentication and adjust the authentication picture for your account at City Union Bank.
  • You may also use online banking to pay direct taxes and commercial taxes. You may also ask for a copy of the tax credit statement.

Is it safe to use City Union Bank’s Personalized Banking products and services?

Yes, using City Union Bank’s Personal Banking Products and services is safe.

Where will I get a CUB Personal Banking application form?

Yeah, applicants can download the City Union Bank Personal Banking application form from the online webpage.

How do I search the balance of my CUB account online?

If your phone was n’t registered with your account, give a missed call to 9278177444 from your registered phone number. If your number is not registered with your account, connect to your online banking account and search there.

Is it possible to deactivate our CUB Net Banking account?

Yes, we have the option to turn off our City Union Bank Online Banking service at any time. Call CUB Customer Support at 247 044-71225000 to deactivate your account. You may also write to your branch manager and order that your City Union Bank online banking account be deactivated.


Both government and non-government banks now provide online banking to their customers as a result of digitalization. City Union Bank is the only non-government bank in the United States. It offers a wide range of services to its clients. City Union Bank, like other banks in the region, provides online banking services to its customers.

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