Cryptocurrency Investing: Buy & Trade Bitcoin & Altcoins

cryptocurrency investing
  • Cryptocurrency investment is all about eliminating central banks and brokerage. crypto is digital money used by people who are interested in trading. The point of making investment comes under risk factor when compared to other trading goods and services.

Cryptocurrency investments are totally loaded with high risk because of their volatile nature, if you are going to invest in digital currency with monthly savings we are suggested to don’t go for investment, maybe it makes a big loss in the future. if you have the capacity to bear losses then go for cryptocurrency. 

In some cases investing in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum and bitcoin cash makes profits but this investment is too costly. Invest in crypto if you have enough money to lead an entire life

What are altcoins?

Altcoins act as a bitcoin alternative. Altcoins using security and technology which are used in bitcoins. Altcoins come from folkes of bitcoins.the best altcoins in the current situation is, 

  1. Ethereum
  2. Chainlink
  3. Litecoin
  4. IOTA
  5. XRP
  6. tezos
  7. Uniwap
  8. Stellar etc.,

The altcoin is performing functions based on bitcoin. Altcoins mean a bunch of cryptocurrencies. 

Bitcoin trading 

Bitcoin stands in the top position in trading. Buying and selling of goods and cryptocurrency take place. The important points that investors should know while trading is, gain complete knowledge about movements in bitcoin pricing up and downs, know about trading strategy such as day, trend trading factors, select the better platform to purchase Bitcoin Prime. Start research about trading, choose safe and secure wallets, select the best trading strategy. 

How to buy bitcoin

Before buying bitcoin make sure that you have enough details and documents which are needed while purchasing and those details are individual identification proof, internet security, a digital currency exchange account like digital wallets. there are two different methods to buy bitcoin.

  1. Buying bitcoin from wallet
  2. Buying bitcoin from cryptocurrency exchange 

Buying bitcoin from wallet

  • Download digital wallet app from playstore
  • The bitcoin wallet on the home page has two options: one is in green colour to buy bitcoin cash and another one is in orange colour to buy bitcoin, click on the orange button.
  • Make sure that you are following the instruction that is displayed on the screen from crediting a coin to the selected account 
  • Then profile identity verification process are started 
  • Finally, the purchasing process is completed.

Buying bitcoin from cryptocurrency exchange 

  • Go to the official website of the cryptocurrency exchange
  • By providing the required information create a new account.
  • To buy bitcoin or bitcoin cash follow the provided direction 
  • Purchased bitcoin is credit in an exchange wallet, transfer it from exchange wallet to personal wallet
  • Secure the bitcoin which is moved to a personal wallet. 

Selling bitcoin digital currency

There are different ways to sell bitcoin via the internet platform.

Selling bitcoin with the help of visiting the website

  • Visit the official bitcoin page.
  • Choose a payment method and fix the selling price 
  • Include the option of which type of currency you need.
  • After verifying the reviews and then provide information like wallet address
  • Provide payment details and complete the selling process 

Selling bitcoin on cryptocurrency exchange 

  • Consult the bitcoin exchange websites.
  • With your identity create an account 
  • For to sell bitcoin or bitcoin cash follow the all rules and regulation
  • Buyer can transfer the finalised amount to the seller account or if you finalised to transfer any other digital currency make sure that your account is allowing it or not.  

While selling and buying only seller and buyer play roles no third party ar involved in cryptocurrencies 


Cryptocurrencies are playing a unique role in trading, no need to go to banks to transfer digital currencies, it saves investors from additional fees and maintenance charges. We can say that investing in bitcoin may lead to economic growth. Bitcoins are the best cryptocurrencies in the present situation 

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