What consists of the course of CISA certification training provided by SPOTO?

What consists of the course of CISA certification training provided by SPOTO?

What consists of the course of CISA certification training? The Certified Information System Auditor (CISA) certification program initiated by the Information System Audit and Control Association (ISACA) has become a globally recognized standard covering the professional fields of information systems audit, control and security, and so on. The professional technology and practice promoted and evaluated by CISA is the cornerstone to help you make a success in this field. Having a CISA qualification certificate indicates the practical skills and professional level of the holder.

Obtaining CISA certification helps to establish your reputation as a qualified information systems audit, control and security professional. Whether you want to improve your performance or get a promotion, having a CISA qualification will give you a competitive advantage that no one else can match.

With the growing demand for information system audits and control and security professionals, CISA has become an indispensable certification for individuals and companies around the world. CISA qualification certificate represents the holder’s excellent ability to serve the company’s fields of information system audit and control and security. In addition, it also brings considerable professional achievements and economic benefits to the holder. SPOTO CISA training organization will share the content of the CISA certification training course with you.

CISA course contents are as follows:

Topic 1: Information System Audit Process

1.1 Management of IT audit department

1.2 ISACA audit standards and guidelines

1.3 Risk analysis

1.4 Internal control

1.5 How to perform IT audit step by step

1.6 SOXIT compliance

1.7 ISO20000 and ISO27001 standards

1.8 Control self-evaluation (How to assess the strengths and weaknesses and effect of internal controls)

1.9 Future development trend of IT audit

Case Study: How to perform an IT audit

Topic 2: IT Management and IT Governance

2.1 Corporate governance

2.2 IT Governance and COBIT 5

2.3 IT strategic planning

2.4 Maturity assessment and process improvement

2.5 IT portfolio management and optimization

2.6 IT policy and IT process

2.7 Risk management process

2.8 Human resource management, outsourcing management, organizational change, IT financial management, quality management, information security management and execution optimization

2.9 Organizational structure model

2.10 Audit of IT Governance (Entity-level control audit)

2.11 Business Continuity Management (BCM)

2.12 Business continuity audit

Case Study: How to design a global IT management framework

Case Study: IT strategic architecture design of a large multinational enterprise

Case Study: IT strategic architecture design of a large state owned enterprise

Case Study: How to implement IT governance end to end

Topic 3: Project Management and Information System Requirements, Development and Implementation

3.1 Revenue realization technology

3.2 Project management (Prince 2 and PMBOK methods)

3.3 System development life cycle

3.4 Common 18 types of business application systems (such as ERP, BI, and so on.)

3.5 Software development method

3.6 Infrastructure architecture and procurement methods

3.7 Information system maintenance

3.8 Application controls

3.9 Application system audit

3.10 Process audit of project implementation

Case study: IT implementation project process analysis

Case Study: The construction of PMO

Case Study: Large data center project construction

Case Study: Application system development and implementation project

Topic 4: Information System Operation and Maintenance

4.1 IT operation and maintenance process

4.2 Hardware

4.3 Software

4.4 Network equipment and architecture

4.5 IT general control

4.6 Disaster management

Case Study: Comments on ITIL implementation

Case Study: Establishment of IT operation and maintenance management system and audit execution

Topic 5: Information Security Management

5.1 Information security management system

5.2 Logical access control

5.3 Network security

5.4 Information security management system audit

5.5 Network security audit

5.5 Physical and environmental security

5.6 Common security attack and defense

5.7 Information security risk and audit practice

Case Study: The establishment of information security management system and audit implementation

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