Tips for Choosing The Suitable Bath for your Bathroom

Tips for Choosing The Suitable Bath for your Bathroom

Replacing an old tub for a new one is one way to transform the look of your bathroom. You have many options and factors to consider when choosing the bathtub that will bring you the ultimate bathing experience. Whether you want to create a functional bathroom or a show-stopping one, it would help you to know what the options are for you. Baths give an elegant and aesthetic look to any bathroom scheme. So, how do you pick the most suitable one for your bathroom?

Choose the Style of Your Bathtub

If you are considering a freestanding bath, there are contemporary and traditional designs available. When it comes to the placement of freestanding baths, you can put them towards your bathroom wall or in the center of the room. They come in various sizes, but they typically need plenty of space around them.

  • Slipper baths. These types of freestanding baths come with asymmetrical design. They are elevated at one end, giving you a fully immersed experience. A slipper bath is usually small in size, so it is the perfect option if other freestanding models will not fit your bathroom.
  • Roll-top baths. Typically, they have rolled rim and raised feet, allowing you to see below the tub. If you want a period look in your bathroom, the traditional roll-top is an ideal choice. It also helps make the room appear more spacious, as it shows more floor area. You can find other designs that come with a plinth as their base but still generate a historic appeal. Roll-top baths are great for bigger bathrooms.
  • Contemporary freestanding baths. These modern designs can have an angular or curvaceous exterior. For the inside, straight bathtubs exude clean and hassle-free appeal. But, softer lines can also offer more comfort.

Pick Your Materials

The material of your bath can impact how you should maintain and care for it. The durability of the bath as well as how long can the water retain heat also depend on the bath material. Moreover, the material affects the overall weight of the whole bathtub. So, if you want a heavier bath, make sure your flooring can withstand its weight.

  • It is versatile, durable and comes in a variety of colors. Acrylic is molded into various shapes too. Baths that are made from acrylic tend to be lightweight, which makes them easy to install. It is an affordable option and is efficient in retaining heat. It is ideal for your bathroom on the first floor.
  • A bath made of steel is hard-wearing and long-lasting. While steel can be cold to touch, it has the ability to retain water heat. It is lightweight, cost-effective, and stylish.
  • Cast iron. It is durable and low maintenance. It is a heavy material and can retain heat well. Using thicker enamel is resistant to chips and cracks. Before installation of cast iron bath, check if the joists need reinforcement due to their weight.

Depending on the design, Baths can be partnered with freestanding or wall-mounted taps. Some have pre-drilled holes in them for the taps. Another consideration is if you are moving a built-in bath towards the middle of the bathroom, or installing a new freestanding bath for a makeover, it may require altering the pipework. So, include this in your budget, along with the style and material you choose.

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