Check out the Hidden dangers of a Cheap Hair Transplant!

Check out the Hidden dangers of a Cheap Hair Transplant!

One of the best things about the latest Hair transplant in Ahmedabad is that they are so affordable. Isn’t It? Till a few years ago, it was only celebrities, sports stars, and the more privileged section of the society that had access to these methods, meaning they could afford to have their luscious hair longer and keep looking young.

And due to this, many clinics are mushrooming across the city that claims thick, luscious hair, regardless your age within no time and at a very low cost! Unfortunately, many medical experts have taken unfair advantage of the situation and opened up pretentious clinics, which offer these treatments at throwaway prices.

Still, let’s be honest, who can ever refuse a good deal, it’s only natural to drift to the guarantee of a quick, easy, cheap transplant. Be it shoes, clothes, cosmetics, food, a good deal is always welcome. The sad thing is also that people who are facing hair loss or baldness are often so rash, and they can be easily lured by these ‘deals’. And certain clinics and hospitals take benefit of their recklessness.

The dangers of low-cost hair transplants are true and can probably be disastrous. The most crucial thing to understand here is that a clinic is cheap because it is cutting edges and not providing you with the best quality service. For all, you know the person alleging to be a consultant or expert might not even have a degree. They are often cosmetic consultants who are trying their hand at hair transplants. Or worse, their assistants are handling the actual procedure. In a nutshell, here is a list of what can go wrong:

  • Serious post-surgery complexities, like severe infections, extreme bleeding, undue swelling, and severe pain.
  • Extreme scarring. FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction leaves tiny dots like scars and FUT or Follicular Unit Transplantation leaves a long linear scar, but they both fade over time and can be deceived by expert specialists.
  • Poor hair growth- Bald Spots because of over-harvesting of donor areas or haphazardly distributed grafts over the recipient area.
  • Unnatural hairline
  • Severe damage to the donor area
  • Excessive shedding
  • Take something like the risk of infection. Usually, cheap clinics save out on things like sanitation and hygiene of the clinic and the instruments, which can endanger patients to infections and other risks.

These are all dangerous consequences of cheap hair transplant treatments. Often patients have to spend money in corrective methods, which presents the whole exercise of getting a cheap hair transplant ineffective.

Do a precise analysis of the clinic as well as the expert. Book an appointment and talk to the concerned specialist before making a rash decision. Do not cut corners, this involves your health and wellbeing!

As a responsible and authentically approved clinic, Musk can offer you with quality treatments without hiding any side-effects. At Musk Clinic, we believe when it concerns your looks and wellbeing, you cannot often undo a bad decision, after all, you will end up paying a much higher price for it!

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