Can’t able to Connect to Internet? Here are Possible Solutions!

Can't able to Connect to Internet? Here are Possible Solutions!

Are you facing trouble to connect your internet? Well, in thing article we will cover all the possible points related to internet connection problems.

Tips to Troubleshoot if you aren’t able to connect to the Internet

i) Before going on to the complex solutions, you must first check unplugged or loose network cables of routers and modems. It is one of the basic and most common reasons why your internet gets suddenly busted or unable to connect to the internet.

Now, in the case of the wireless network, one of the possible error is your device Wi-fi radio is shut down accidentally.

ii) There may be some cases that the website you’re looking to reach out is being temporarily offline. You can try visiting several sites rather than just thinking of your internet connection is faulty.

iii) One of the most common but very negligible error is the IP address conflicts. In case your device and other on the network has the same IP’s than the conflicts occur and it will create problems in working correctly best wired router.

iv) In case you are outside the wireless signal range, then to might be the case that your internet connection is not working properly. Generally, people get outside of the Wi-fi range and think that there is a problem in the network connections.

Radically, the overall performance of the Wi-fi network depends on the distance between the device and the wireless access points. Make sure the strength of your wireless signal and get some ideas to expand the range of Wi-fi.

v) It is being said that home networks that use the broadband are easier to manage, but, in some cases, technical glitches with the router also becomes the most significant spike in connecting to the internet.

Sometime you might not be able to open the right router IP address like 192.168.l.254 is the one which is used by a lot of routers manufacturers. Make sure your router lights and console is running and responding well.

vi) The malfunctioning of the computer firewalls sometimes prevents connecting your internet network. Sometimes third-party internet traffic installed on the same computer creates a problem by blocking the traffic.

You can install or upgrade software firewalls on the computer to prevent connection drop or unable access to the internet.

The Conclusion

The last point when all the things don’t work, you can try contacting your Internet Service Provider to check any technical glitches from their side. Sometimes ISP’s using the satellite internet service notice the drop in connection to the internet.

Contacting your internet service provider 192.168.l.2 is probably the last option in which you can try to fix the connection drop or unable to access the internet.

That’s all! We have tried our best to fix your problems by connecting the internet. Now, it’s time to use these techniques whenever you get in trouble, like unable to connect the web on your device. Try not to panic in situations like this; you just have to take things easy and calmly.

If you have any queries or suggestions, leave a comment below. We’ll be happy to assist you!

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