Business Card Must Have To Become Memorable In Customers’ Eyes

4 Characteristics Your Business Card Must Have To Become Memorable In Customers' Eyes

Business cards are the first impression on your potential customers. It’s not only about displaying your company name and contact details, but handyman business cards will help you in connecting with an audience of your interest and leave a lasting influence on them. The niche market you are targeting must be impacted positively so that they may be interested in your services or any products you are offering.

To devise an effective marketing strategy, you can start by design your own business cards. It will be like a trailer that will showcase your abilities as a pure professional.

Here are some of the essential characteristics that an authentic business card must have:

Legible Typography

Typography is of the foremost importance in designing a contemporary business card. You must choose the font carefully. Funky or too many fonts can make the content readability less and even make your card look downright silly. Your customers should be able to read all the essential information at only one glance. If not so, your business card might lose interest at once.

Furthermore, your selected font and its color should complement the logo, design, and other elements of the card.

Professional Printing Standards

Getting your handyman business cards printed professionally might prove to be the best decision in your entire marketing strategy. Although you can get it self-printed also at a much cheaper rate, the class and high quality a professional printing company will be providing can not be matched with for sure.

To do so -before you move ahead with designing, you should consider following printing standards that are required by the printing companies. Your card files should have proper bleeds and margins. It might be best to use a template for that and adjust the bleeding area with the margins set on the design.

Positioning Statements And Call To Action

Your content is the one thing that can compel your audience to not only notice you but stick with you as a trusted customer. For this, you should consider adding a positioning statement that will define you and your value in only a few essential words. It will not only build an emotional connection but keep your customers more focused on your brand.

Moreover, call to actions have also proven to be much successful in generating more leads than usual. It should be a small message that might convey a tip, offer some discount, or even link the audience to your website.

Simple And Attractive Layout

Selecting a beautiful and yet simple layout might not be that easy. However, an easy option can be to start with more than one arrangement and layout. You can narrow them down to one as you move forward with designing your own business cards.

Always remember not to clutter your card with too much content. There are still two sides to the business, and you must use them wisely. The logo must also be placed creatively so that it takes enough attention, but not all. Additionally, there should be enough room for your customers to make a reference note for themselves.


Business cards are not only a point of contact but the most crucial aspect of your marketing strategy to establish connections. For attracting customers and business prospects, you need to design a card that always hit the right mark.

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