The Best Japanese Watch Brands To Buy From This 2020

The Best Japanese Watch Brands To Buy From This 2020

In this article, we’ve rounded up the best Japanese watch brands in the world today. If you’ve been looking for one to add to your collection, then this is the article for you. We’ve narrowed down your brand choices and picked out some collections within the brand to look into. Here are the best Japanese watch brands to buy from this 2020:

best Japanese watch brands to buy from this 2020


One of the more popular watch brands from Japan, Citizen is a staple as a sponsor in many sporting events – figure skating in particular. While the brand has great automatic watches in its mantle, the quartz watches from this brand are one of a kind. For the uninitiated, quartz movement watches are some of the most accurate watches in the world. Although for purists, they prefer the no-battery movements like mechanical and automatic.

The NH8350, in particular, is not only a stunning watch from the brand but also a beast of watch parts-wise. You get a Miyota movement, stainless steel case, and silver-coloured straps. It’s not a sapphire crystal that you’re getting, though, but a mineral one. If you are looking for automatic watches, the brand has a plethora of choices for affordable prices.


The premier Japanese watch brands, Seiko, revolutionized the way watches tick by introducing the quartz movement a few decades ago. But what sets this watch company apart is its constant innovation and improvement of its line of watches, all the while keeping its prices as low as possible.

The Seiko 5 Sports collection is legendary on its own among watch enthusiasts. Updated just recently, the new iterations are the shining symbol of quality watchmaking without exorbitant pricing. There are also other great lines from the brand. Prospex, in particular, combines the power of light and movement to power the timepieces, and Presage is marketed for the more sophisticated tastes.

Grand Seiko, while an independent company of its own, is Seiko’s arm for luxurious timepieces. The watches under this brand can fetch astronomical prices, but the Spring Drive movement, which powers most of the timepieces, is in a class of its own as well. Every watch connoisseur will tell you that getting a Grand Seiko is like getting one of the more expensive Swiss watch brands.


Casio is an entirely different company in the sense that it does not focus on watches alone – it has proven and laid its stake and claim to electronic devices such as calculators, electric piano, etc. On the horological side, though, Casio popularized the digital movement for watches. Remember the calculator watch from a few decades past?

Today, Casio is revered for its G-Shock line – a collection of rugged-looking watches that can withstand the elements, magnetic pull, and is even shock-resistant. It’s rare to find an automatic from the brand nowadays, but if you look hard enough on some watch repositories, you’ll probably stumble upon one.


Orient is a fairly new watchmaker, but since its conception, it has gotten the attention of many avid fans around the globe because of its dedication to producing automatic timepieces with premium features at dirt-cheap prices. We’re not kidding; you can search for an Orient watch right at this very moment and find deals for as low as $75.


Japanese watchmakers have the same longevity as their Swiss counterparts. What most people don’t realize is that the art of watchmaking isn’t exclusive to Europe, as parts of East Asia have started the art at the same time as its Western brothers. So if you’re looking for a Japanese watch, get any from the brands listed above. You’ll never regret it.

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