During this unfortunate period, all of us are waiting for a tiny hope to get out of our homes. But it is also important to never lose spirit and keep it going till we are all finally free from this pandemic. Most of us tend to lose our minds while being idle all the time.

There are a lot of ways to keep yourself occupied online. There are a lot of movie and drama streaming shows to keep your mind busy thinking and enjoying. ALT Balaji, Netflix, Amazon Prime are some of the most popular online streaming websites, and they have the best Indian dramas to offer. Worry not! All these can be done without burdening your wallet as these websites offer free subscription codes to its users to let them enjoy endless streaming.


1. Suspense and Horror

Human minds always love something fishy. We are all mysteries on our own, and we also love finding, solving, and even making mysteries. Mystery and horror genre is always highly rated in every country because we enjoy some adrenaline rush at times. Also, a study says that watching horror movies can help you lose some weight, which is the first thing we want during this quarantine period. ALT Balaji, Zee5, Amazon prime are a few such apps that offer endless entertainment to its viewers.

Most popular among them are Kehne Ko Humsafar, Boo Sabki Phategi, Bose: Dead/Alive, Apharan, Cyber Squad, Maya Thirai, and the test case. They all deal with different stories and keep you at the edge of your seats throughout the program.

2. Family drama

Sometimes scary stuff is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some people would love to drown into tears and jump into cloud nine while watching something sentimental and getting inspired to become an emotional person. Family drama is always the type of genre they prefer. Indian family drama, to be precise. Families with a lot of members, always dressed well, residing in large houses, having a ton of problems every day and solving them within an episode is what most of the Indian television dramas are about. They behave and deal with things most dramatically, and surprisingly, a lot of this population loves it. Some of the popular dramas include Baarish, Kar Le Tu Bhi Mohabbat, Dil hi Toh hai, great Indian dysfunctional family, Zaban Sambhaal Ke, Dhimaneer Dhinkal, Kehne ko Humsafar, home and Kasauti Zindagi Ke.

Keep your popcorn and tissues ready and get on streaming your favourite shows, endlessly!

3. Adult

This is something people would love to watch in private, but it is not close to pornography. Indian television has somehow opened to there genres and have been trying their best to display content in the most appropriate manner possible. The audience loves it, and they have been open about commenting on these dramas. There are very few Indian dramas and movies purely dedicated to adult content, but they have captured the viewers’ minds and are taking a liking towards them.

Gandi Baat is one such series that has been running very successfully. They talk about different sexualities and coming out about it. They also infer to the fact how fantasies play a role, and sometimes the episodes turn out to be informative. You may also be interested in watching series like Sacred Games, Jamtaara, Delhi Crime, and more.

4. Trendy

Teenagers and younger people have a weird taste that always keeps changing in minutes. They don’t stick on to one genre and feel the need to try out all of them. Sometimes they want to watch something that they could relate to. Fortunately, many writers have understood this and have started making dramas that comprise all of them in one season.

Sometimes they also make series that could address teenagers with issues they are unable to come out with. Young people always love watching romance, and there are plenty online. The first genre any director would want to make a movie or series of is romance because it captures the heart and encourages people to fall in love. Since young people love them, a few dramas are labelled trendy. Some are Class of 2020, Mentalhoood, Broken But Beautiful, Boy Giri, Haq Se, Punch Beat, and many more.

There are a lot more informative and dramatic movies and dramas to watch like Made in Heaven, Taj Mahal 1989, and more. One whole season of every show is available for free, and the next season requires a paid subscription, but they are worth it. If you don’t want to spend too much on the subscription, you can also watch the same content on the Jio Cinema app & website, My Vodafone app, and Airtel TV app. They are never a waste of time and will keep you occupied, and you feel less stuck at home till this pandemic persists.

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