Benefits of PMP Training Abu Dhabi

Benefits of PMP Training Abu Dhabi

Project Management Professional or PMP is a famous professional certification that has global recognition. This certification is generally offered by a non-profit making organization, Project Management Institute. PMP is a well-recognized certification that is considered necessary for the project managers, mainly for those who desire to take the next step towards success in their professional careers. So, if you want to enrich your professional career, then you must take up courses on PMP training Abu Dhabi.

PMP certification exam facilitates as the guide for evaluating the skills of candidates. It examines the knowledge and professional skills of candidates out of five performance domain, which is as follows-

  • Initiation of the Project
  • Planning the Project
  • Project Execution
  • Monitoring the Project
  • Project Closing

To participate in PMP exam certification, a candidate must either have a secondary degree, 35-hours of project management education, and 7500-hours are leading and directing project experience, or 4-year degree, 35-hours of project management education, and 4500-hours leading and directing project experience.

Importance of PMP Certification

It serves as an unparalleled endorsement to your professional skills and knowledge at a global level. The advantage of enrolling yourself in a PMP training Abu Dhabi include high market value, improve project management knowledge and credibility, and sometimes a higher pay. Following are a few benefits to opt for a PMP Certification-

Importance of PMP Training Abu Dhabi

  • Offers Industry Recognition

Its certification has global recognition, which works with various industries and can operate in any location. So, irrespective of your professional background and working sector, you can opt for this valuable certification course. A certified project manager has the potential to increase the success rate of the business. They are even better at completing on-time projects and within the budget of the organization. Therefore, if you want to begin your career in project management, then PMP certification is recommended to fill the lack of experience.

  • Added Extra Value to Your Resume

It is one of the globally valued certification programs compared to several professional courses that you can take up throughout your career. Employers also prefer a candidate with PMP certification than those who have other professional certifications. The jobs of Project Managers are high in demand in the existing job market. So, various candidates appear for this position in the expectation of a high salary.

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But the employers during interviews, tend to shortlist the candidates with PMP certifications. Several reputed companies have also made it compulsory to have a PMP certification, which indicates that you cannot even appear for some positions without this certification. It is also beneficial to advance the organization you are working at as it puts you way ahead of your competitors in terms of career growth.

  • Acquire Necessary Management Skills

This certification will guide you to learn important skills to stand out in your career. It facilitates high standards as it is hard to clear the exam without extensive preparation. Enrolling yourself in PMP certification will teach you several soft and hard skills. To qualify this credential, it is mandatory to master practical skills. It will also help you to develop the skills of a fundamental project management process, techniques, and methodologies. You can even acquire trending techniques in the activities related to project management. It will also expose you to best practices in project management as well.

  • Generate Higher Income

Having this necessary credential, project managers can earn a higher salary than their competitors. As the average salary of a certified project manager is considerably higher. It means that an accredited project manager receives around 20 percent more than the non-certified project managers, which is also common in Middle East Countries. Project Management Professional has systematically been the highest-paid IT credential, and the existing trend indicates that their salary will continue to grow in the future. Besides higher income, PMP credential will help you to enrich your job security.

  • Validate your Dedicate at Workplace

As mentioned earlier, there are several qualifications one needs to have to appear for a PMP certification. So, it has high standards than other professional certifications. To qualify this exam, you need to have the dedication to the job, which means that you are serious about making it your long-term career goal. It further symbolizes your drive towards enriching your professional abilities, knowledge, and credentials. Your skills will be considered as a valuable asset for the organization, and it will also help you to seek respect among others.

  • Offers Networking Opportunities

After qualifying in the examination, you can also become essential skills and project management knowledge to excel in your career. So, PMP certification is worth of value, and project managers must have it.

Part of the PMP Club, which currently has 773840 active members. The community often arranges meetings for the certified members across the globe, which helps them to earn Professional Development Units (PDUs). They are further required to fulfill Continuous Credential Requirements (CCRs), which members can retain for 3-years. And there are endless benefits to these networking meetings.

During the session, certified personnel can get to know about new job opportunities that are shared by members who value the credential. It also helps in developing professional networks, and one can also mentor other certified personnel.

However, some aspirants might consider PMP credential as time-consuming, expensive, and complicated. But most value it as a significant credential that adds credibility to your resume. It will also help you to acquire ess

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