The Bank of Baroda balance check is possible in multiple ways. The Bank of Baroda is widely spread across India and various branches in international countries.

We also advised keeping changing the ATM pin and passwords to keep you secured regularly. We need to keep our selves secured in the modern technology era. Bank of Baroda account balance is easy to check in various ways.


If you are a BOB account holder, you can already know the Bank Account number and phone number should be registered. Bank of Baroda account gives a Debit card and a temporary pin from the Bank. Bank of Baroda ATM helps you in Banking, Cash withdraw, Mini statement, PIN change, and supported in multiple languages. Bank of Baroda ATM is always available near the street corner in India.

Bank of Baroda Account gives you support to Check the bank balance through the ATM, CALL, and Online Internet banking service. It would help if you had secure ATM card number and PIN, do not let know or steal them. Sometimes, I get frustrated when I use the BOB debit card in ATM, and I don’t get the SMS notification quickly. I receive SMS after hours or nothing. These are common issues due to network problems, and no issues are faced till now.


Bank Of Baroda Balance Check

We are here to guide you in the BOB Balance check and solve the problem that you are facing the balance check through the steps. A balance check is possible in four ways without going to the Bank

Balance Check Through The Missed Call

In the Bank of Baroda, Bank is using the secured line for the customer purpose of giving information and details about the bank balance, give a missed call to the number mentioned in the image. We here to provide complete steps about the process and pictures for better understanding it.

  • Bank of Baroda uses the secured line to give the information for the customers. When you’re applying the Bank account in the Bank, you need to give your phone number for Bank.


  • You can check the Balance through the same phone number. You need to give a missed call from the same phone number to get the balance information via SMS.
  • Please call the phone number – 8468001111, and once the call is connected and ring sound you hear. Your call will cut, and Balance will be sent through the SMS.
  • You can the number only 5 times per day and get the balance information of your Bank of Baroda account.
  • You can get the mini statement of last 5 transactions by receiving the SMS by calling the phone number – 8468001122
  • This process is very easy to get the information from the Bank through SMS without visiting the nearest ATM or bank or online banking.

Balance Check Through Sms

Bank of Baroda gives the customer more options to check the Bank balance by Sending SMS through registered phone numbers. To check the Bank Balance, we need to send the SMS through the phone, and you receive the information through the SMS. We here to give complete steps of the process for sending the SMS from the phone.

sbi through sms.png

  1. Bank of Baroda will send the information through the SMS from the server. You need to send the SMS from the phone number; you have registered in a bank account.
  2. Send SMS in format – BAL < space > Last 4 digit of the account number to the phone number 8422009988.
  3. here is the example – BAL 3478 – 8422009988

Balance Check Through Netbanking

Bank of Baroda is will updated in the Banking system and which is available to check the Balance through the official website. We have the official android and IOS device application to download and make transactions, cash withdraw, mini statement, and E-services. It would be best if you had the user name and password to check the Balance through the online net banking process. We here to guide you in Net Banking and check the Balance in the online system.

  • Open the official website of the Bank of Baroda and enter into the website. You can see the options to log in to personal banking.
  • You will get the pop-up to open a new page and enter the detail of the user id and password. Click on the login to move forward for checking the Balance for your account.

sbi through sms.png

  • Click to check the bank balance of the account and enter the MPIN to view the Balance of your account.
  • Here the steps of the Net Banking and balance view guide of Bank of Baroda online through the internet.



Here is the Bank of Baroda steps about the Bank balance, Mini statements, and TDS statements. You can check Bank Balance in multiple ways. Bank Balance can be viewed through the SMS, Call, ATM, and Online process. In the online process, you need to log out of the profile after you viewed the bank balance of your account.


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