Are slots a stupid thing to play at casinos? 

Are slots a stupid thing to play at casinos 

Whilst you cannot deny the fun and success of online casinos in the 21st century, some diehard casino traditionalists can get a little annoyed about the fact that spin and win slots online have basically eclipsed most other casino games. 

Online gamblers don’t tend to play the cult classics like roulette or blackjack so much, but is this a mistake? Some people can argue that slots are a stupid thing to play at casinos when you have other games to choose from. Read on for an exploration into this! 

Reasons why gamblers don’t like slots at casinos 

For avid slots enthusiasts, it is probably rather mind-boggling to imagine that there are some gamblers out there who don’t like slots at casinos at all. It is a thing though, and we’re going to list a few key reasons below: 

  • House edge: One thing you may not know about slots is that they actually have one of the largest house edges out of all the casino games available. The average RTP these days sits at 96%, which means a house edge of 4% on average. To put this into perspective, European roulette and blackjack have house edges of 2.6% and around 0.5% respectively.
  • Lack of tactics: There are a series of rudimentary gambling tactics and strategies that can be used on slots, however it is nothing compared to the strategy that can be used in other games like blackjack or poker. For some gamblers this is annoying because they feel they are limiting their opportunity to make winning decisions, instead just relying on fate.
  • No human feel: Another thing that can easily put gamblers off playing slots is the fact that it is difficult to get a human feel due to the absence of a dealer or any fellow players. Facing a screen for too long can get boring. 

Reasons why gamblers love slots at casinos 

Whilst there are definitely reasons for people to think that slots are a stupid thing to play at casinos, they wouldn’t be so popular if there wasn’t also a load of reasons why gamblers love PGSlot. Take a look at a few: 

  • Diversity: Modern slots these days can come in so many different shapes and sizes, something that definitely makes them appeal to people a lot more. It means that slot gambling is very difficult to get bored of, as there is always a new game to try out w888.
  • Jackpots: Due to the fact that slots are by far the most played casino gambling game in the world in the 21st century it means that the jackpots can regularly be pretty astronomical. Is there a better reason behind why gamblers love slots at casinos than the tantalizing possibility of huge jackpots?  

Are slots a stupid thing to play at casinos? 

Onto the golden question – is slot a stupid thing to play at a casino? Well, they certainly aren’t a stupid thing to play because they can be ludicrous amounts of fun. One thing to remember, however, is that looking from purely a house edge perspective there are certainly better games to play.

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