Apple Promised Security Updates for iOS 14 but Won’t be Available

Apple Promised Security Updates for iOS 14 but Won’t be Available

iOS 15 hit the tech floor in September 2021. And, iOS users were given choices of either sticking to iOS 14 or upgrading to iOS 15. It was the first time in a while iPhone users could choose the comfortable iOS according to their preferences.

Generally, when Apple releases new software or operating system version, it stops releasing security updates for the previous version. But, the Cupertino-based tech giant promised to release security updates for iOS 14 and iOS 15 even after iOS 15 is the latest iOS version.

Therefore, users could simply hang out with iOS 14 and didn’t feel the urgency to upgrade to iOS 15. However, the current activities of Apple are very different from what it promised.

iPhone users have reported getting iOS 15 updates instead of iOS 14. And, users even informed that they preferred to stay with iOS 14.

Let’s check out what Apple had demanded earlier and what are the changes in the iOS updates right now.

iOS 14 and its Security Updates: The Controversial Pinch

In June 2021, Apple announced that it would release the most powerful and versatile iOS to date –  iOS 15 and iPadOS came along with that. Apple added that it would keep releasing security updates for iOS 14, confirmed iPhone Repair Dubai experts.

Apple had given two choices for both iOS and iPadOS users. iOS users could switch to iOS 15 when it becomes available to compatible iPhone devices. Otherwise, they could simply keep the iOS 14, as Apple confirmed that it would release security updates for iOS 14.

The iOS 14 users would get important security updates to the corresponding operating system version. However, Apple had clearly mentioned that the iOS 14 users might get security updates till they are ready to update to the major version.

Numerous iPhone users were quite comfortable with iOS 14 and wanted to keep it forever if there was a permanent choice. But, the possibilities of crashes, vulnerability, and incompatibility with third-party applications remained. If there were different iOS versions, then there could be organisational restrictions regarding updating any application.

On the other hand, there could be chances that bugs might slip into the device, causing a wreck to the system’s functionality. But, the situation has changed in the last few months. And, Apple is insisting iOS users upgrade their OS from iOS 14 to the latest iOS 15.

Why did iOS 14 Security Updates go Temporary?

Apple gave iOS users two choices recently – The iOS 14 users can cling to the iOS 14.8.1 update, and Apple launched this security update in October 2021. Or, iOS 14 users can simply leap and upgrade their iOS devices to iOS 15.2.

Those iPhone users who previously chose the iOS 15 over iOS 14 don’t have a problem. But, the people who preferred to stay with iOS 14 surely do.

Apple has cleared the confusion and reported to Ars Technica, a leading tech portal, that it never intended to make iOS 14 security updates permanent. iOS 14 users already got the latest security update iOS 14.8.1, and there are apparently no more iOS 14 security updates.

Now, compatible iOS devices can simply upgrade to the latest version of iOS 15. The advantage of upgrading the software version is to protect the device from threats, bugs, and incompatibility with other third-party applications.

However, there is one more logic for Apple that helped back up its decision not to release iOS 14 security updates anymore. According to the latest statistics provided by Apple, 26% of iPhones were sold in the last four years are using the iOS 14 update. And, the active measure of iPhone users relying on the iOS 15 is currently 72% of the iPhones purchased in the last four years.

The statistics have also cleared a fact – The adoption rate for iOS 15 was slower than any other iOS update in recent years. Perhaps, the choice of iOS 14 might have been a trigger for slowing down the adoption rate of iOS 15 among iPhone users.


This was not the first time Apple promised to provide security updates to older iOS versions. In the past, Apple had provided security updates for a longer period compared to the iOS 14 security updates period. The lucky iOS version was iOS 12, and it received security updates even when the iOS 13 and iOS 14 versions came out.

Devices compatible with iOS 12 could not cope with iOS 13 and iOS 14. That’s why Apple had to release security updates for those iOS devices. Further, they were not so old, and they were iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 Plus, and others.

Previously, iPads had to run on iOS, and the original iPad Air was a part of the iOS 12 update. Additionally, iPad Mini 2 and iPad Mini 3 ran on iOS 12. Therefore, Apple had no other choice rather than releasing major security updates for iOS 12. Meanwhile, these above-mentioned devices couldn’t support iOS 13 or iOS 14.

However, that’s not the situation when there’s a conflict between iOS 14 and iOS 15. According to Apple, every single iOS 14 device is capable of upgrading itself to iOS 15. Moreover, Apple has suggested users upgrade their devices to the latest version as soon as possible to keep threats and other issues at bay.

Inconvenience Caused by Apple’s Security Update Policy

Undoubtedly, iPhone users might feel disturbed as Apple didn’t mention the iOS 14 security updates. They were expecting iOS 14 security updates to be released just like iOS 12.

The main issue behind this conflict is the absence of transparency, communication, and sureness. The way Apple has backtracked itself from releasing iOS 14 updates, users are really offended.

Those who stuck to the 14.8.1 update can now only notice the iOS 15.2 updates on the Software Update page in the Settings section. Apple is indulging in upgrading to the latest version of iOS.

The benefit is surely a unified platform for every iOS user. Additionally, it’s full of all the security features that can restrict threats in the system if anything wrong is triggered.

We think that Apple should have clearly stated its temporary plans for iOS 14 and iPad OS 14. Then, users would not have to worry about such a conflict and be sure whether their devices would run on iOS 15 or not.

Since Apple has not released any security updates for iOS 14, we can assume that there might not be any other future security updates for those devices.

Wrapping up…

We can’t guarantee that Apple doesn’t have other plans with iOS 14. Apple likes to keep news about software and other aspects secret. Currently, the iOS 15.4 Beta version is out for iOS users. Users demand more transparency and confirmed statements from a tech tycoon, and there should be compatibility between software and hardware.

Therefore, they can be ready with the right piece of device that will go a long way. If you don’t want to compromise your security standards for your iOS device, you should install the latest iOS update.

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