Rummy is known as a game of cards. It is a simple game having a bunch of critical strategies that generally confuse people. Hence, to play rummy and win, one should know how to play rummy? We will be sharing the tips one should know if they are eager to play rummy. If you follow these tips in the right way they can even make you the winner of the game.

1. The first and foremost mistake we all tend to do is opting for cards from the pile that has been discarded. This not only gives an assumption to your rivals about your cards but also they can get an idea about your next move.

2. When you are playing Rummy, make sure the game has all your attention. From watching minutely your opponent’s every move to keeping in mind the cards that have been discarded, you have to be attentive to all these.

3. It might sound weird to beginners, but to the player who has been playing rummy for a while, it is known that to play safe you should drop the high-value cards. The cards having lower value can make win slowly and steadily.

4. The cards in the middle can do wonders, hence try your best to opt for versatile middle cards. They can create more patterns with other middle cards compared to any cards of low or high value.


5. Your every move is being noticed by other players, thus make sure you make the right move when it comes to you, as one wrong move and it’s over. You must not drop any useful card even by mistake. One way of avoiding this issue is by arranging your cards according to their color. You can go for either black-red-black or red-black-red.

6. As said in the previous point, your every move is being noticed by your rivals. This is your golden chance use to trick your opponents. Use tricks on rivals. Try your best to confuse them about your every step. Tricking the opponent is termed Fishing.

7. Strategy is very important in everything. Particularly talking about a game, a strategy is the foundation of your game. If you want your next move to be correct and successful, adapt the features of an expert. Have your technique and strategies and most importantly, tricks to bluff opponents. Implement your strategy right from the beginning of the game. This will not only let you have a high possibility of winning but also you will be prepared for the next move from the opponent’s side.

8. Arrangement of the cards in the original hand of the player is also an underrated tip in the case of playing rummy. Arrange your cards in a specific manner. Among many, one of the best and easiest ways to arrange the order of the cards to win is to organize the related cards consecutively and the unrelated cards on another side. To keep your Jokers safe, set them aside.


These are the tips that you should keep in mind while playing Indian rummy or any other rummy. Apart from these things, what you need is concentration and knowledge of the game, and that’s it! You’re ready for the next game!


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