7 Essential Gardening Tools You Can’t Live Without

7 Essential Gardening Tools You Can’t Live Without

Essential Gardening Tools You Can’t Live Without

Australia is the sixth-largest country globally, with about 26 million people, with 67% of the population heavily concentrated on the east coast. It is a highly developed and urbanized country with most of the people living in metropolitan areas.

The high rate of urbanization in Australia has led to a declining interest in hobbies like gardening. However, due to the strict stay-at-home measures brought on by the pandemic, many have turned to gardens. This led to an increase in sales of garden tools online in Australia.

If you are an old green thumb, then gardening would be a breeze for you. However, suppose you are a novice gardener who wants to find a way to reach out to nature while staying at home. In that case, gardening may seem like a monumental endeavour, especially when you see so many gardening tools you can purchase online.

But if you focus on the basics, you won’t only save a lot of money; you would also avoid being overwhelmed when choosing which of the many tools you have to use. Here are seven basic gardening tools every novice gardener should have.


This is the most important and most convenient tool every gardener should have. It can protect you from thorns, splinters, and even irritation from even the most harmless-looking plant. However, using hand tools can also leave your hands sore and bruised, especially when used for long periods. So you should invest in a pair of gloves that are thick enough to protect you from spikes and thorns but not too bulky when doing delicate work like transplanting seedlings. They should also provide a comfortable fit to avoid blisters from friction.


If you need to dig holes for plants or move mounds of dirt, you need to invest in a long-handled digging shovel that will provide more leverage and let you accomplish the work in a fraction of the time. Short-handled shovels, on the other hand, are lighter. Shovels may be more expensive than hand tools, but a good quality shovel will last longer.

Hand Trowel

Hand trowels are indispensable gardening tools. You can use it in several gardening tasks such as transplanting plants, digging up weeds, and preparing your containers with potting mixtures. When buying a trowel, make sure you feel comfortable gripping the handle to avoid bruising and sores with prolonged use.

Garden Fork

A hard fork is another small but essential tool every gardener should have. It is more efficient than a hand trowel when loosening compacted and rocky soil, lifting and turning compost piles. When buying garden forks, it is best to know what you will be using them for because there are different forks.

Pruning Shears or Secateurs

Hand pruners are tools used for trimming flowers, cutting bigger branches, or even dead brittle wood. There are many types of pruners available online, and it is important to be familiar with the uses of each to choose the best tool for a specific job.

Garden Rake

A garden rake is different from a leaf rake used to pick up leaves and other yard debris. Garden rakes are used in cleaning up debris and pulling away thickly matted and compacted garden turf. You can also use it to level soil, mulch, and compost.


A garden hoe is an important tool for gardeners because it is used to dislodge weeds and mounds and shape the soil in preparation for planting. When buying a garden hoe, look for one whose handle is the perfect length to match your height to avoid back pains.

As a novice gardener, you should invest in high-quality garden tools online in Australia that you can use for several tasks rather than buying many specialized tools that will use up space in your tool shed. Comfort is also important to avoid bruising and sores when used for long periods. Lastly, you have to clean and store them properly to last and serve you longer.

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