5 ways to increase your trading efficiency on Binomo

5 ways to increase your trading efficiency on Binomo

Learn about opportunities for traders that the Binomo trading platform offers. This article will give you five tips to make your trading path smooth and clear. These easy steps will help you understand the core rules in online trading and get familiar with the Binomo platform even if you haven’t registered yet.

Read the Client Agreement during the registration 

The registration process on Binomo.com comprises a few straightforward steps mentioned below. So, search for the website on the net or go to the mobile app. Before signing up, you can switch the login page to English or any other language of your choice. 

  1. Enter a strong email and password or sign in via Google/Facebook.
  2. Choose the account currency as it cannot be changed after registration.
  3. It is important to accept all of the terms of Binomo’s Client Agreement.
  4. Confirm your email, and now you can log in to your account.

It is critical to read the Client Agreement carefully before registration to inform you of your rights and the Binomo regulations that you must follow to avoid issues such as having your account suspended.

Use tutorials and practice on a Demo account

After registering, every trader can practice on a Demo account to get a better understanding of what the Binomo app/website is, and how to use it. How does it work? With a Demo account, you can begin practicing trading for free with unlimited virtual funds ($1000 that are replenished when after you spend them) and improve your skills in a safe environment. Just start learning the tools step-by-step, and you’ll understand the basics.

In addition, all users, including demo account holders, can take part in a tournament called “Daily Free”. For further information on what Binomo is and how it works, you have access to the tips and tutorials on the website to provide trading education to new users. 

Traders can also access the Help Center sections, similar to Wikipedia for traders, and contain answers to any FAQs. Furthermore, you will find several valuable strategies on Binomo, but keep in mind that no strategy guarantees a 100 percent success rate in a trade.

You might be concerned about Binomo being real or fake in Pakistan. In that case, you must rest assured as the platform is genuine since it is regulated by the International Financial Commission, which protects customers’ interests. Besides that, Binomo was provided with a Verify My Trade certificate of trade quality. For added assurance that the platform is safe, look for www.binomo.com reviews on reputable places like Quora to see if the website and app are a scam or not.

Trade smartly 

Binomo uses fixed time trades (FTT) that allow you to earn up to 90% from the trade size in case your forecast is correct. To figure out how to trade on Binomo, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Binomo login page on the web or in the app.
  2. Select an asset of your choice.
  3. Choose a deposit option to enter the amount of money you want to trade.
  4. Decide how long you want the deal to run.
  5. Make a forecast by pressing the green (UP) or red (DOWN) button.

Although you have this short guideline making clear the forecasting process, there is no certain advice on how to make money on Binomo because it’s not a way to make a fast profit. You’ll get extra income in case of the correct forecast, and for that, you need to practice and learn how to apply strategies. 

Note! Some sources offer signals and bots that allegedly would help in trading, but most of them are cheating; that’s why it’s better to trade on your own and rely on your experience only.

Track your trades at any time 

The mobile trading app allows traders in Pakistan to have access to all the tools at any time. Download Binomo from Google Play or App Store, and efficiently trade and invest on your mobile or tablet.

If you cannot download Binomo via Google Play, install the free APK file from the official site: https://binomo.com/en/promo/android.

Although there is no Binomo software or app to download for PC (Windows / Mac OS), those users who want to trade on a desktop can access the web version through their browsers. 

Use Binomo bonuses 

Below are a few ways through which users can receive a bonus on Binomo. Bonuses are a good addition to your deposit. They allow you to trade with a higher trade amount and have the opportunity to benefit more in case you forecast correctly.

  1. All new users receive a 25% welcome bonus after registering, valid for only half an hour. To apply, they need to make the first deposit.
  2. Deposit bonuses are available after even the smallest amount is deposited into the account. The amount of the deposit bonus is determined by the type of Binomo account you have. The higher the deposit amount, the more bonuses you will receive.
  3. You can get a bonus coupon or code as part of the Binomo promotion or as a gift from your personal manager. A coupon bonus (code) can also be added to deposit bonuses.
  4. The no-deposit bonus is yet another way Binomo delights its customers. For example, risk-free trades for VIP account holders, mailing a certain amount to Binomo’s regular users, and so on.


Now that you know what Binomo is and how to invest money in trading give it a try as it is a reputable online trading platform that offers many benefits for free. Binomo provides various training opportunities and activities, such as contests, video tutorials, and Help Center.

Keep in mind that trading comes with high risks, and anyone will lose their deposit in case of the wrong forecast.

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