5 Surprising Facts About PEMF Therapy History

5 Surprising Facts About PEMF Therapy History

PEMF has a long history, though many incorrectly assume that the history of PEMF extends back only a few decades. The actual age of PEMF therapy is not the only surprising aspect of its rich history. To acquaint you with PEMF therapy and how it came to be, we have identified 5 of the most surprising facts found in the history of PEMF therapy.

5 Surprising Facts About PEMF Therapy History

#1 Tesla Was Involved

Although most modern focus on Tesla revolves around wireless technology and his belief in providing electricity without charge, Tesla was involved in and responsible for the development of electromagnetic fields. Because PEMF is wholly dependent upon the use of electromagnetic fields, Tesla has been identified as one of the “fathers” of PEMF therapy.

#2 The First FDA Approval Came in 1979

PEMF therapy has seen a dramatic upswing in use and interest, leading many to believe that the therapy is a new intervention. While it might be an up-and-comer, due to renewed interest and trust in the therapy, it is far from new. The therapy itself extends to Tesla and further, but consistent use and approval were recognized as far back as the 1960s and 1970s, with the first FDA approval being granted in 1979.

#3 PEMF Has Roots that Go Thousands of Years Back

Have you ever heard of magnet therapy? If you’ve ever researched the history of medicine or you’ve taken a dive into alternative medicine and the therapies that correspond to alternative treatment methods, you’ve likely heard of using magnets as a way to improve the body’s energetic centers or improve an individual’s health. PEMF therapy stems from a similar concept, but brings that notion into being with modern technology.

#4 Machines Were Relegated to a “Wellness Device”

Medical devices with significant risks require FDA approvals to ensure the health and wellness of individuals either using them or operating them. PEMF therapy does not fall under this umbrella, because the therapy is such a safe one; with few to no side effects linked to the use of PEMF therapy, the device was classified as a “wellness” device by the FDA, which means PEMF therapy machines do not require approval from the FDA to be used or distributed.

#5 Early Machines Sought to Target Bacteria

Now disproven, early iterations of PEMF therapy machines thought that PEMF could assist in improving health by targeting bacteria and viruses and destroying these invaders using specific frequencies. As PEMF technology improved and understanding grew, health professionals and researchers realized that it was not that PEMF targeted foreign entities in the body, but that PEMF provided additional energy stores so that the body could more effectively carry out its normal functions.

PEMF’s History

The history of PEMF therapy extends much further back than many people realize. Although it has been increasing in use and recognition in recent years, many people are excited to find that PEMF therapy has been safely used in clinics for over 40 years, and took many decades to perfect before it was considered safe and effective.

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