4 Tips for Shielding Your Home from Dirty Electricity and Unwanted EMR

4 Tips for Shielding Your Home from Dirty Electricity and Unwanted EMR

Millions of people are starting to realize the dangers associated with long-term exposure to electromagnetic radiation (EMR). This includes electromagnetic fields, radiofrequency, and microwave radiation.

Although people are most concerned about “5G,” it’s important to understand that 5G stands for “Fifth Generation” wireless technology and encompasses a wide range of frequency bands (between 160 MHz to 77 GHz), not all of which are being used.

Unfortunately, most people don’t realize how harmful EMR is until it’s too late. With the exception of sensitive individuals, unless a person lives next to a cell tower or large transformer, the effects are experienced cumulatively and often attributed to other causes.

Whether you’re electrohypersensitive or you just want to play it safe, here are four methods to reduce electromagnetic pollution in your home.

4 Tips for Shielding Your Home from Dirty Electricity and Unwanted EMR

1. Get a meter and measure everything

Start your shielding efforts by measuring both body voltage and ambient frequencies and fields. This will give you a good starting point to know how your efforts are working. This is critical because a large number of EMF protection products on the market don’t work.

Cheap meters won’t detect higher frequencies. Experts recommend the NFA 1,000. However, expect to pay a couple thousand dollars for this meter. If it’s too expensive, call around to local electricians to see if you can rent their meter or hire them to take readings for you.

For great information, strategies, and tips for reducing EMR in your home, check out the Home EMF Tracing channel on Brighteon. Unlike similar channels, the information published to this channel is created by an expert in the field.

2. Filter out dirty electricity (high-frequency voltage transients)

Dirty electricity is a simple term for high-frequencies that ride the power lines alongside the normal 60Hz sine wave.

There are multiple causes for dirty electricity, but most of it is created when appliances adjust the current in order to operate. This process is normal, but it disrupts the flow of current and creates unwanted transient frequencies and fields in the process.

While you can’t filter out all sources of dirty electricity, you can use dirty electricity filters to remove a significant amount.

There are two main filters on the market – the Stetzerizer and the Greenwave. Both are good filters, but Greenwave outperforms Stetzerizer. As a bonus, Greenwave filters have a grounded outlet on the bottom, so you don’t have to sacrifice your entire outlet to use the filter.

3. Build your own shielding devices

Believe it or not, it’s fairly easy to build your own shielding devices. However, you need to remember to ground any device you create. Ungrounded shielding devices will barely make an impact since they will catch the frequencies, but those frequencies won’t go anywhere.

Grounding your device will send the frequencies either to your breaker box or to the earth if you install a grounding post in the ground outside.

The best solution is to build an antenna array on your wall, as described by Theoria Apophasis on YouTube. The antenna array is similar to this antenna design and will attenuate around 70% of frequencies. Your cell phone and wireless internet won’t work inside your home if you build this antenna.

To make this, you’ll need:

  • Copper Flybye mesh
  • 12 gauge or 14 gauge speaker wire (dual conductor is great for eliminating messy wires since you’ll need 2 wire connections per antenna) or solid copper wire
  • Thumb tacks
  • A soldering iron
  • A 4-foot or 8-foot copper grounding pole

If you know-how, you can also ground your appliance cords, power strips, and extension cords. If you don’t know how, you can get some high-quality, hand-made grounded cords and Ethernet adapters from Electra Health.

Be aware that once you start building shielding devices, other people will want you to make devices for them. If you start selling any type of modified electronics equipment, make sure it meets IEC requirements for electronic components, especially if you add any capacitors or resistors.

4. Turn off circuit breakers and unplug appliances when not in use

Turning off the breakers for your sleeping area will help immensely, but keep in mind that electric fields from adjacent rooms will come into your bedroom.

Unplug everything in your bedroom before going to sleep. Appliances emit an electric field when they are plugged in yet turned off. It’s easier to unplug appliances in your sleeping area than it is to run around unplugging everything in your home.

If you’re highly sensitive, consider plugging appliances into power strips so you can just unplug the strips before going to bed.

Don’t rely on an electrician for help

It sounds contrary, but most electricians aren’t trained to mitigate electromagnetic radiation pollution. If you want a professional to help you mitigate electromagnetic pollution, find someone who specializes in EMF reduction. If you can’t find anyone locally, find someone who will work with a local electrician. Your health is worth the extra effort.

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