3 Reasons Why You Should Port Over HTML To PDF Conversion Online

Among the many types of PDF conversion that you can do online, one of the most overlooked is HTML to PDF. The ones who have the common traction are MS Office file formats like Word, Excel, and Powerpoint, and rightfully so because these are the type of files used every day. HTML, on the other hand, is rarely used, and sometimes not considered at all.

But when you find yourself at the odd place of needing to convert HTML to PDF, the best option to undergo is definitely the online route. Forget about dedicated PDF software that only bloats your work desktop and laptops; it’s time to go online. Why? Well, in this article, we will tell you exactly why:

Privacy and Security are of Utmost Priority

No one wants other people snooping through their stuff, and when you are in a corporate setting, especially, it pays to be secure and private in any of your work. Although the process of how to convert HTML to PDF is as mundane and arbitrary as any office task is, when you’re uploading files to the Internet, there is a high chance that prying eyes may read those files. 

But with browser-based applications like PDF Bear’s HTML to PDF converter, the processes of converting your files, uploading it, and downloading the resulting file are secured and encrypted. This means you won’t have to worry about confidential files being snooped on, or that the company will sell the information inside your uploaded PDF file. Converting HTML to PDF is as secure as it can be. 

Accessible Anywhere in the World

Porting over your work online makes it more accessible from anywhere, anytime. This is what happens when you decide to go the online route of converting HTML files to PDF as well. You can do the converting from anywhere in the world, provided you have a decent Internet connection. Accessibility is key in making workflow more flexible; that’s why going the online converting route is a great choice. 

Plus, when you are editing and converting online, the process is easier – in fact, it will only take at most five clicks on the platform before you have a brand new PDF file ready for sharing. You are sure that the resulting file is top-notch as well because the process of conversion on online web applications is as robust as the ones in dedicated, standalone browsers.

You Can Use a Wide Range of Devices – From Laptops, iPads, to Smartphones

One of the most restrictive areas that dedicated, third-party PDF software requires is the system requirements that are needed to install these power- and memory-hungry applications. When you are converting HTML to PDF online, you open up your workflow from your work computer to your smartphone, to even the old iPad you have lying around. 

You don’t need much when you are converting online – just a working browser and an Internet connection. Even the cafe WiFi will do! That’s convenient for you. Isn’t it great that you can continue to work on your PDF files after you close your computer? And it won’t matter if you have an iPhone or an Android smartphone, if you have Chrome installed, you’ve pretty much ready to go!


Whether you are converting HTML to PDF or vice versa, it’s important to bear in mind that this kind of task shouldn’t take so much of your time. That’s why going online to complete this operation is the best route to take. With the reasons presented above, it’s high time for everyone to take PDF editing online seriously! It’s the future, and developing your skills now will only serve you well in the long run!

I am a full-time professional blogger from India. I like reading various tech magazines and several other blogs on the internet.