What is PPC? 7 Benefits of using PPC Advertisement

What is PPC? 7 Benefits of using PPC Advertisement

In this age of technology and digitization, the need for online advertisement is increasing day by day. If you are aware of online advertising, then I hope you are well known to PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising. PPC also is known as Google ads, is the most popular and influential online advertising method that is solely provided by Google.

Nowadays, only starting a company doesn’t suffice; there shall be proper marketing, especially digital marketing, to grow your company digitally and locally as well.

What is PPC?

PPC (Pay Per Click) is the online advertising platform of Google, where an advertiser has to pay a certain amount of money to Google for each click on their Google ads. The ads are displayed on Google’s search engine result page. This is generally a process of buying the traffic instead of gaining naturally from the search engine. PPC is an alternative to SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Your ad would be placed on top of Google SERP whenever all the factors, i.e., keyword bidding, Google Quality Score, landing page, etc. are correctly managed. Only then Google placed your ad on top above all of your competitors.

Why Pay Per Click Advertising?

Many would refer to SEO, which is a free tool to rank your website on top of SERP. But for those who are impatient of their goal and progress, PPC advertising is the best option. I would choose PPC over SEO every single time due to its several benefits:

Provides Quick Result

Start your PPC advertising from today and gain unlimited leads and conversion within a couple of days. Google receives 3.5 Billion of search engine traffic daily. So, whenever your ad is placed on top, people would surely engage in your ads and generate leads. Your advertisement would be seen by the maximum number of people whenever Google shares it.

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If you are looking for clients or leads, then instead of using SEO and waiting a couple of months, try using PPC and gain tons of points within a few days. You can fluently run your business without worrying about the clients or customers.

Increase Brand Awareness

Advertising on the first page of Google, the world’s number one search engine, would surely increase your brand awareness with a considerable number. Whenever a relevant keyword is searched on Google, your ad would be displayed holding your brand’s name and description.

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In this way, even though people aren’t engaged in your ads, people would recognize your brand. The more your brand shows up, the more people would see and increase the awareness regarding your brand. This will increase the trust and credibility of your brand.

Targeting audiences

With the proper use of PPC advertising, you can target your audience and reach your products to the targeted location for maximum results. Instead of advertising to a broad group of people, selected the limited and interested one would result in a much better option for advertising.

It will save money and increase the result of the advertisement. Also, with a few amounts of publication, you can get tons of quality leads. So, why not to use this fantastic feature of targeting. Google provides you options like specific, location, age, gender, demographics, etc. So, simplify your work and gain maximum output.

You only pay for clicks

Google provides an appropriate option for advertisement. You don’t have to keep paying for Google to stay on top. Google only charges you after your notice is begin clicked. So, you only pay for the clicks. People click on your ads because they are interested as you have already targeted your ads to a specific location as well as people.

So, whenever there is an engagement on your google ad, there is a high chance of getting leads as well as conversion. Without paying to Google, you can get a top placement that would automatically increase brand awareness.

No need for SEO

PPC advertising is an alternative to SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Those who are aware of SEO knows that it requires several months to provide a proper result (i.e., rank your keywords on the first page of Google). SEO requires a team of experts to produce a better result. Also, it is not sure that the keyword would rank on top because there is a very high competition on the Google search engine.

Now that you started PPC advertising, you neither have to wait months for generating leads nor hire an SEO expert and pay them every month. You can instead use the money on PPC ads and gain instant results within a couple of days.


Advertising online with Google Ads is cost-effective. You can even promote your content within a dollar. You can set your amount of money per day. If you wish to run Google ad with $5 per day or $50 per day, it’s on you.

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Google ads don’t have that competition worldwide, which is why your advertisements can be placed on top of SERP with a limited amount of investment. It can be great for the small scale business as well by targeting a short range of locations and ranking your Google ad on top of the search engine.

Google Ad is measurable

Unlike traditional marketing, Google ads provide daily updates on your progress or regress. You can check and measure the result of your ads, whether it is benefitting or not. Measuring outcomes in SEO is also quite touching because you cannot know what action is affecting your ranking. Also, social media won’t provide precise, measurable data.

So, here Google ads will provide more transparent and precise data that will make your work easier to predict and work accordingly for a better result in the coming days.


Hence, there is great importance and benefit of using PPC advertisements to improve the success of the digital growth of any company. If you are impatient for generating leads and conversion and desires for the quick result, then always go with PPC marketing.

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