The Book for Reasoning gives more knowledge on mental ability, Mathematical Operations, data sufficiency, and puzzles, etc. RS Aggarwal Reasoning is the best way to gain knowledge of verbal and non-verbal reasoning.

This book helps you in every moment to guide you through problem-solving in the correct-way approach, puzzles, sense, directions, and diagrams, etc. in competitive or government exams may have so many questions from the Reasoning section and heavier marker in exams.


In general, there are so many reasoning books available online or in the market. For students or teachers, it is a confusing part and beneficial to choose for a particular exam. We here to guide the students and teachers to buy the book for reasoning and get rid of the reasoning issue in the exam.

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RS AGGARWAL REASONING BOOK is one of the best books available on the online store. You can even see the purchase points and reviews of the book with the highest ratings for this book.

Features of RS Aggarwal Reasoning

  1. Questions based on the latest examination patterns given in the Government, Placements and other competitive exams.
  2. Questions are given with large no of practice sessions along with solutions and rightful explanation.
  3. Examples are solved to cover every topic.
  4. Rs Aggarwal reasoning book has a few previous year question papers for the students. Just buy this book and find the previous questions from it and Updated every single year with the latest questions.

Concepts and contents of RS Aggarwal are below


Verbal Reasoning is covering the following topics:

  1. General Mental Ability,
  2. Mathematical Operations,
  3. Data Sufficiency,
  4. Verification of True Statement,
  5. Assertion & Reason,
  6. Sequence Puzzles,
  7. Direction Sense Test,
  8. Series Completion,
  9. Arithmetic Reasoning,
  10. Cause & Effect Reasoning
  11. , Inserting the Missing Character,
  12. Statement Assumptions,
  13. Theme Detection,
  14. Logical Sequence of Words,
  15. Logical Venn Diagrams

Sub contents in the Reasoning session

  1. Analogy
  2. Classification
  3. Series completion
  4. Alphabet test
  5. Number, ranking and time sequence test
  6. Mathematical operation and Logical sequence of words
  7. Arithmetical reasoning
  8. Inserting the missing character
  9. Data sufficiency and Completion of incomplete pattern
  10. Figure matrix
  11. Dot situation
  12. Construction of secures and triangles
  13. Figure formation and analysis
  14. Practice question set
  15. Analytical reasoning
  16. Mirror images
  17. Water images
  18. Embedded figure
  19. Coding- decoding
  20. Blood relation
  21. Puzzle test
  22. Paper cutting
  23. Paper folding
  24. Rule detection
  25. Grouping of identical figures
  26. Cubes and dice
  27. Sequential output tracing
  28. Direction sense test
  29. Logical Venn diagrams

RS Aggarwal Reasoning PDF

You can also download the Rs Aggarwal Reasoning PDF from multiple websites. Rs Aggarwal Reasoning PDF is available in the amazon, good reader and audible.

RS Agrawal Reasoning PDF

The physical book gives you more knowledge and interaction in the book. Rs Aggarwal’s book enhances the knowledge and problem-solving techniques in exams. This book is available in the Mobile and desktop gives more hands-on Experience.

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