Here’s a selection of boss battles for you to take on in Old School RuneScape that can benefit you.

Looking to make a decent amount of OSRS gold? Want to avoid having to buy OSRS gold? Then before you delve into finding somewhere that has OSRS gold for sale, check out these Old School RuneScape bosses that you can kill for a pretty high profit.

Commander Zilyana

To fight this Zilyana boss, you will need to have a high combat and range level to be successful. It is a particularly hard OSRS boss for you to take on, as her power and accuracy are very effective, not to mention they come at you rather relentlessly. So with that in mind, you are going to want to avoid dying quickly by applying a ranged offensive on her.

The best weapon here would be the Twisted Bow if you have enough OSRS GP to purchase one. This is because it is a fantastic weapon when you are using it against OSRS bosses or enemies that have a high magic stat. The Twisted Bow will scale to their magic, making it particularly devastating in cases such as these.

From her rare drops, you could earn over 2 million OSRS gold on an hourly basis.

Dagannoth Kings

Let’s switch to a bit of an easier Old School RuneScape boss to kill. The Dagannoth Kings could make you a millionaire after just one hour, providing you have finished the elite Fremennik Diaries. If you haven’t managed to do so, then this will affect the amount of gold that you make and you will be far more reliant on the drops that you get. Either way, it is still a great earner.

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If you have a Toxic Blowpipe handy, then you should be good to go against these OSRS bosses. Get yourself a Dragonfire or Crystal shield, a Saradomin Godsword, and Guthan’s armour set and you will be more than well equipped for this. If you are going to use the Saradomin Godsword, then Runes for Blood Barrage and Blood Blitz should be taken too just in case you need them.

Corporeal Beast

Have some friends that want to join in on the action? Then Corporeal Beast is a good option for two to four friends to take part in. You will be able to get your hands on a drop that is worth nearly 700 million OSRS gold in the form of the Elysian spirit shield. Getting this shield needless to say is going to make you very rich indeed.

To be a success against this Corporeal Beast boss, make sure your Attack, Defence and Strength levels are up to at least 85. You will need your Range past 80 as well, and the same for your Magic too. It’s a hefty challenge for you to take on, but you should be more than prepared when considering what the potential prize is.


Even if you are rather new to OSRS, you may be aware of Zulrah. This is a boss that is a very popular choice when it comes to earning OSRS gold, especially if you are a solo player. By killing Zulrah, you can expect to make over 2 Million OSRS GP per hour, though it is a difficult fight to overcome. That being said, if you have managed to learn the method required to beat Zulrah, then you can get through it pretty fast.

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What attracts players to take on Zulrah is the valuable drops it offers. There is a chance that you can get very rare items such as Magic or Tanzanite fangs, as well as an uncut onyx and a serpentine visage also up for grabs. To finish the fight, however, you are going to need to get your Magic level up to 85, and your Range level to 75. Zulrah can be a great boss for you to repeat so you can earn as much OSRS gold as possible, as well as gain the knowledge of how the boss fight works so that you can complete it quicker in the future.

So as you can see, boss battles in Old School RuneScape can be very profitable indeed. The key is knowing which battles are best for you to grind through if OSRS gold is what you are looking for. There are some rather iconic OSRS bosses that are on this list alone, and you are more than likely able to see why players opt to go into battle with them for riches. As long as you go in prepared for each respective OSRS boss fight, you stand to make a lot of profit from each one that you decide to take on.

Have you beaten any of these OSRS bosses? Let us know in the comments section below!

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