10 Best Ways to Gain More Engagement on YouTube

10 Best Ways to Gain More Engagement on YouTube

YouTube is one platform that works on the basis of engagement more than any other place. Therefore, figuring this part out should be your priority in your YouTube marketing efforts. Here we have given some effective ways to get more engagement out of your viewers. Let’s have a look-

1. Make Interactive Videos

This is probably the best way to start interacting with your viewers. You can easily make interactive videos that consist of recent controversies or political questions that can spark a debate. Moreover, towards the end of your video, you can leave an open question. Another important thing- YOU CAN GO LIVE! These are the epitome of interactive videos on YouTube. People interact with you as you speak and go public- nothing could be better!

2. Study Your Competition

In case you feel that some other account is performing much better on YouTube even though they have similar or even worse content, then you might want to study them properly. Check out the keywords they are using, the kind of interactions they are having, and form a skeleton of their marketing strategy. It’s also a good idea to learn from the best minds in your niche. We are sure the best YouTubers today have shared their stories online- so have a look.

3. Make use of YouTube Analytics

YouTube gives a lot of important information that can help you make future decisions. For instance, they will tell you the best time to post your videos for maximum reach. Analytics will also let you know the kind of content that is generating a maximum response from your audience. You will also be able to cut off any such videos that are degrading your performance.

4. Make Sure You Fill Video Details

This is an important part of healthy YouTube SEO. Make sure that the YouTube video forms are filled with careful detail and the right keywords. Use important keywords towards the start of your video and also within tags and descriptions. Other important details include allowing your videos to be embedded so that they may be shared easily. At the same time, do not overdo the keyword part as it could lower your SEO ranking.

5 Use the Right Keywords

So keywords are basically the first thing YouTube looks for when ranking and displaying a video. If you use the right words, then your content will be displayed to the right community. Naturally, this will lead to organic engagement, viewership, and loads of interactions. To find the right keywords you can use YouTube’s own Keyword Tool. At the same time, you can use the best sites to buy legit YouTube subscribers from SocialPros.io, since they always employ keyword strategies to get you, followers.

6. Cross Promote

Now, Social media has become more integrated than ever before. If you want to be successful on YouTube you have to start focusing on promoting your channel through Instagram and Facebook as well. You can even tweet your content as soon as a trend shows up on Twitter. Just make sure that it is interesting and relevant so that people actually follow through.

7. Collaborate

Collaborations can give you access to a gathered audience that already shares an interest in the content you create. Just find another content creator with the same material and reach as you. You need to give them an incentive to create a video with you. Therefore, you might have to gain real YouTube subscribers from Viralyft.com for added credibility. Collaborations are really loved and enjoyed by the viewers who actually look forward to two rivals coming together!

8. Use Annotations

Annotations are basically small pop ups that appear on your video screen. Therefore, they are a non-verbal call to action which is very common on YouTube. These annotations can either urge people to comment, like or subscribe. Or they can lead your audience to another video or a link that you might want them to visit. Always make sure that you use the annotation during a less engaging section of the video so that the people actually notice it.

9. Be Responsive and Start a Conversation

Once your audience begins to respond- it is your responsibility to talk to them again. Never let them feel neglected and always show them an appreciation for their support. Thank all your followers towards the end of your video, especially the ones that have been very loyal. If there is a comment in the comment section that can spark a debate or lead to a very long interaction, then make the most of it. Reply in a manner that induces the user or other people to respond further.

10. Reuse Top Content

It is never a bad idea to repost a video that did exceptionally well on your channel. Make sure it is a rather old and forgotten one. People love to see old content that gets them a little nostalgic. You can even make a compilation of the best moments in all of your most popular YouTube videos!


YouTube is definitely getting tougher to figure out. Honestly, external marketing agents can really guide you on your way to YouTube success. Moreover, you can check out the best sites to buy YouTube subscribers if you are looking for instant results.

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